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Just did 25 miles round Richmond Park training for RideLondon, and let me tell you something, as lovely and sunny as it is here, and there are deer etc, very nice, cycling is basically mental torture. I don’t know how anyone does this as an actual full-blown hobby! If any cyclists out there have some pro tips to keep me being bored out of my mind, please let me know. I’m thinking podcasts, iPad holder for Netflix, book holder etc, all ideas welcome. Changing gears and trying not to get hit by hardcore cyclists going 50mph isn’t enough. If you don’t have any pro tips you can sponsor me instead, and make this torture worthwhile (and help to save some lives too, which is a nice little bonus) link in my bio for more info about London’s Air Ambulance 🚁👌 . . . #ridelondon #londonsairambulance #airambulance
Londres, qué bonito ha sido descubrirte. No eras de mis ciudades favoritas pero me estás enamorando poco a poco ✨ #london #richmond #spring #enjoy
Sometimes somehow I like to loose my self in Wonderland 💚
Sunday session 🏃💪
20.5.18 Back on the bike for a few easy laps of Richmond Park. Legs feel dead and my feet are still numb from last week's #UTS100 but it's such a lovely day, who cares? Obligatory espresso stop at the cafe as well. #happydays #weekendsrule
آرامش دریا نه ازآن است که امواج ندارد موجیم خروشان که اندرکف دریا به ردیفیم
Я попала в цветочную сказку 🌺
Sunday morning walks....
Pit stop by the pond 🐶❤️