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Lee got his blood pressure down to a normal level during our program, which is great for overall health. He also managed to dramatically change his body shape without spending hours in the gym and without following a crazy restrictive diet. Great work Lee #leanandlight
Manchester ‘17
Throwback to like November 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
I've always had a vivid imagination and have been accused by friends, family and acquaintances as being a complete fantasist (among other adjectives). However I remember at 18 years old (moooons ago) customising @mercedesbenz online, and getting into the mindset of one day driving an SL55 AMG (still hasn't happened) - or buying one of the @calahomes directly from the plot (currently living in a modest studio apartment). OK so at this point I know this looks like the sh**est success story going (and it kind of is) but here's the point... We all have dreams, ie a goal so big that it almost seems impossible to achieve. However as social creatures we're subconsciously hardwired (IMO) to be susceptible to the opinions of others, which if adhered to can be one of the most detrimental factors to our progress. Example, I was very talented at art and loved drawing still life pieces for hours (don't pre-judge by my former uploaded doodles, they were s**t). However as a weak minded, 18 years old Beta-male, I failed to recognise my worth and allowed the limiting beliefs of certain family members to influence my decision to choose a more "stable" career path as there was "no money" in art (I'm sure Hirst and Hockey are fvcking starving). Anyway after achieving other (modest) successes, the latent desire to live an authentic, abundant life has resurfaced. It's taken me a very long time to break free of fearful thinking, however I firmly believe that if you have the ability to think and believe you can eventually achieve (not even ashamed of this rhyme). The moment when we block out all negative, self-limiting beliefs and choose to live in blissful ignorance knowing that a higher power is constantly working in our favour is truly having faith in things that are unseen. So this picture shows me gingerly contemplating the good times ahead - or possibly just how exactly my potential public breakdown will be perceived by the masses and what I'll wear when I share the story via @lewishowes podcast. It's a distant fantasy but dreams are allowed at all times, never forget! Photo credit: @mollyjarrett @Kinguendo
E um ano ja se passou, meu maior orgulho ❤ obrigada a quem tornou este dia possivel
Last week of Early Bird Tickets for Cinderella #panto #theatre #family #fun #offer some sold out .... all fat and furious this year