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We know the road to strength is not easy. The hardest part is the work put in day in and day out, the consistency, the grind. WE 💕 LOVE seeing our ladies CRUSH weights, fight through, and become stronger both BODY & MIND. Way to go @danioliveri 💪🏻 #brainsandbooty #strong #Repost @danioliveri with @get_repost ・・・ I’ve been playing with set up, grip, and everything possible with my deadlifts since nationals, thanks to @coachzcooper for making me stronger daily ❤️ 3x2 320, trying to find my “groove” is so hard, deadlift gods please grant me with your powers 🙌🏼 • Also, tweaked my back this week so was super nervous doing these pulls today but with the help of nose torK, @zackcough for the back slaps and hype, and @bigjimstrong for being my audience.. I made it fam 🙃 • 400, I don’t give a FUUUUUU I’m coming for you one way or another 😈 • BIG SHOUT OUT TO @brainsandbootystrong because your tank top gave me so many positive vibes during this workout 💪🏼 @coachzcooper @coopertraininginstitute @brainsandbootystrong @girlswhopowerlift #brainsandbooty # #upliftandliftheavy
Love supporting my team! Jen taught a killer spin class! Thanks @brandon_dugay for joining me on this ride!
Hey guys! I stopped using this account for a while but when Kayla posted the Instagram post on her page I decided to start using it again so I can post more fitness related things more often to keep holding myself accountable 🙂 a little about where I am right now: I am currently on week 3 of Kayla’s program and just signed up for the @1stphorm challenge!! Who else is ready to reach all their fitness goals this year??
This is how you park!!! I want to be friends with this person! #riseandgrind