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Nice day in Southport 😎
The question is how do you want to feel when you’re in labour? 😀💪💃👍🏋🎉? . . Do you want to feel empowered, informed and supported? Maybe you want to feel calmer, more relaxed and in control? I can help you and show you how to help yourselves too. . . If you think Hypnobirthing sounds a bit ‘out there’… you’re not alone I promise you! The thing is it's actually not at all. It's a method of birth preparation which is completely logical when you find out what it is. BUT not all hypnobirthing is the same, so if you want an honest, unbiased approach that aims to empower you, regardless of how you birth, then look no further. . . So if you fancy dipping your toes into the hypnobirthing water and want to find out how you CAN make a difference to your labour join us for this FREE taster session. Not only will you find out more about what hypnobirthing is you will go away with tips on how to help yourself on the big day. . . Save the date for Sunday 21st October 3pm at the Massage Therapy Rooms by Aimee, Liverpool Road, Southport. . . This event is FREE but booking is required as I have limited space at the venue … and I also need to know how many biscuits to get in! . . Send me a message via Facebook or text me on 07903117772 to book your spots. Jenie xx
Yay I love autumn. I was wearing no makeup so a huge leaf awkwardly covering my face had to do 😂❤️🍃 #leafwhisperer My coat is so warm and fluffy and from @isawitfirst
Best night this 😍😂 tagged xxx ignore me
❤Gorgeous powder brows, for a gorgeous client tonight. . . ❤What a transformation and how they bring out the colour of her eyes. Stunning. . . ❤Book your Semi Permanent Make up . . ❤Message me direct on 07917796419 . . ❤FABULOUS SEMI PERMANENT EYEBROWS . . 1 Appointment left this week. Friday . . ❤All Eyebrows are taylored to match you. Your style, Hair and natural brow colouring, age and face shape. . Maybe you have over plucked and fashions changed. Maybe they are very fine or too fair or simply out of shape or maybe you have missing hair in parts. . . Maybe you have had previous work but just want a refresh. . . Maybe you need them corrected . . ♥combination, hairstroke, powder or ombre brows . . Where to find me . . ❤Liverpool, AK Aesthetics 8 Rodney St ❤Southport, AK Therapy House Lord St ❤Burscough, Glow, Liverpool Road North . Permanentlyou Semi Permanent Make up . . * ALL HALSALL and ORMSKIRK CLIENTS NEAREST LOCATION IS LORD STREET SOUTHPORT DUE TO CLOSURE OF WALNUT SALON. Southport
Absolutely loved tonights run in the woods 🌲💕 7.2 miles done and I actually felt fine afterwards 😲 I've got DOMS in my tummy from attempting the plank and some press ups yesterday but it's all fun isn't it!? . . Running with others is just the best. Having a chat and just clocking up the miles, catching up with friends.
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Looking back at photos of our Fit Camp in Liverpool from the summer 🙌 Super excited to be reinventing and launching our 4 week Fit Camp Challenge in Southport 😍 building communities of like minded people, with the same goal to live their best life, and to be healthy and happy 💪🙌 Message for more info on our challenge and how to get involved 😁 . #Herbalife #FitCamp #Southport
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