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my first ever success in beginners vogue at The Playground Birthday Ball by the one and only, the beautiful & mesmerizing @inximoon 💖🌙 it was an honor to battle these two beauties and it was an even bigger honor to get to experience this with friends and people i both appreciate and look up to!! still so overwhelmingly grateful 🤧💗 #missthinggggg
I'm lucky to have friends that persuaded me to join them to this amazing(!!) vouging ball yesterday. I've been deeply moved by the tragic news about Tim Bergling. It made me feel strongly that I don't want to be in this industry. And I question the idea of sucess that me myself and others in the industry strive for. Yesterday reminded me of why I even want to make music and it's NOT because I want to make millions of 💷. If that was the case I should definitely have picked another field. The sad sad thing is that money is the definition of sucess for so many people. And that success is the only way to happiness. It's unlike me to preach like this but I sort of had to. Thanks to all the brave contestants yesterday that manifested that confidence, creativity, expressing yourself, being yourself and having fun has a worth that money can't buy ❤️❤️❤️
Category is, duck walking and painting 😳