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"I’ve seen a lot of changes and done all kinds of things. In ‘88 I helped with security at the Olympics. I’ve volunteered with the police department, and for the last 26 years I’ve been with the Calgary Stampede Promotion Committee. When I saw all the different things at the Kerby Centre, it was something that I had to be a part of. It’s really a little town. I hadn’t been a store clerk for umpteen years, so it was back to my kid days! Here I am five years later still at The Wise Owl Boutique. . A lot of unique and handmade ideas come in for donation and consignment. Aprons, bags, hats, mitts, socks, booties! There’s a lot of work that goes in. It gives you a sense of pride to see that people still create and share. Families donate buttons, wools, and fabrics, when an older person passes. It’s a nice feeling to know it’s going to somebody who can use it and at a fair price. Some ladies are here weekly. I laugh at one lady: “I don’t need any more wool, but I need this!” Then sure enough she is back again with me saying, “You don’t need any more do you?” And a: “No I don’t, but never mind that.” It’s just so funny! There’s a lot of interesting people here. It’s nice to talk to them. Some people don’t have anybody else to talk to. They look around here, then away we chit chat and we just have a great conversation. I smile, there’s some girls who go to the dance class and they always come visit my shift here because I bring candy. . I’m probably busier now volunteering than when I was working. I really enjoy it. Why not give back? Maybe a person was lonely and you said hello and you got a big smile. There’s so many rotten things in this world. You need something good. I don’t even want to look at the paper anymore. It’s just not happy, so anything I can do to make myself happy and anybody around happy, then I love to do it. It’s satisfaction and happiness. You’re doing it because you want to, not because you have to. It’s worth it. My best friends I’ve met through volunteering. It works out both ways. Who knows where my next move will be!” -Verna . To learn more about the amazing work that the @kerbycentre does and the Wise Owl Boutique click the link in our bio!
Perfect set for the Kerry Centre.
Practicing signing my autograph for future book sales. 😉 Truth is I am writing a testimony into a journal for my soul sister. Be happy to autograph my books when they’re published. #sayhidonna
I’m not a criminal because I freehand sketch in all of my healing meditation books. It’s therapeutic ~ it’s my wonderfully inspirational creative way of remembering the words. It’s healing to do daily therapy with colouring tools. Especially fineline markers. Next time you buy a brand new book from the Tibetan Monks storybook Store (Tibet Fromm) Write your name in Script anywhere in the book. The moment you do this, you will know how much I love ❤️ & appreciate this beautiful art. The art of healing energy right there in your reality. Thankful & grateful for so many years of blessings. Especially grateful today because of the not so very splendid day yesterday. Today I had lunch with my soul sister and my heart 💜 🌹🌺🌸🌻🌸🌺🌹🙏💕❤️ is full up again 💕💕💕 #thejoyfulgarden #tuesdaymorningartgroup #sayhidonna #yycphotography #yycartist #artistsoninstagram #healingheartsthroughart #thejoyfulgarden #love #artwork #artistry #meditation #freehand #artist #arttherapy #tuesday #healingenergy
Brought a little country spirit to the Kerby Centre’s AGM this morning! They were recipients of a Western Legacy Award this year. Congratulations again and thank you for all of you do for our seniors and for our community! Check out this wonderful organization! #kerbycentre #westernlegacyawards #wla #csroyalty #greatesttogether
Another year in the books! Very proud to present and donate my infographic on LGBTQ+ seniors to the Kerby Centre today! Definitely one of my favorite projects to date. #infodesign #mru #design #yyc
#sayhidonna #gogogadgetgirl #viewfromtheinside #yycartist #healingheartsthroughart Answering questions about the mask I presented to the group of PUPPET PEOPLE ARTISTS & friends at #wppuppettheatre Making this mask was a wonderful experience for getting to work with very special educators and facilitators and participants who have created a fantastic program that helps you to take a splendid look at your beautiful self. What else can you call a magical program? “View from the Inside” I’m more of a experienced artist, person, photographer, Spoken Word Artist, confident person, because I took a look 👀 📷
Great panel @kerbycentre ready for a great night...great turnout!
Today is our event at the Kerby Centre – Let’s Talk about Age-Friendly Innovation: The Importance of Home, Community & Care as We Age. If you're attending, please take a quick look at the video on our Facebook page about parking, taking the c-train, and staying safe on the sidewalks after the winter storm. For more information and to RSVP, visit the website link in the profile. Hope to see you there! #UDlife #aginginplace