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Pottering around Whitehall
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Unloaded for a rainy jaunt around London.
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London 📍- I remember how I felt and I smile
Conquer your fears And rule yourself
The Police Lookout Now merely a broom cupboard for London’s street cleaners, this unique structure on the south eastern corner of Trafalgar Square was converted in 1926 into a lookout for the Metropolitan Police. Less than a mile away from Scotland Yard, it was fitted with a direct line to the Police for quick response to any public disorder, the square historically being a common place for protest and unrest. Small slit windows provide a 360 degree view from inside, and when the phone was picked up the light at the top would flash to alert other nearby police officers. #metropolitanpolice #victorianarchitecture #trafalgarsquare #london #crdmphotography
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