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Learning things! • Life’s been busy! This girl hasn’t gotten the attention she’s deserved yet. Nice to have a few minutes finally to sit and start learning how to banjo.
Super excited to be able to bring awareness to such a great organization! Cars on Cars Calgary and Operation of Hope will be teaming up for the month of March! My dear friend Sarah first introduced me to Operation of Hope and soon after I knew I had to get involved. With the help of Cars on Cars Calgary we are now making that a reality. Operation of Hope provides reconstructive surgery to burn victims, facial reconstructive surgery, neonatal care, prosthesis clinics as well as care for special needs patients. Cars on Cars Calgary will be donating $250 for each car sold in the month of March, up to 10 vehicles. The money raised will be used to directly impact the lives of patients needing these life changing procedures and ongoing education. Let’s continue to change lives and bring hope to those in need. Swipe to see Sarah and her fiancé with some of the patients. For more info please visit 💙❤️ @sarahjnsn @carsoncarscalgary @operation_of_hope
Since you babes loved the white version of this gorgeous dress so much, we HAD to release this Poppy Red beauty with sleeves ❤️ • Same stunning lace overlay, same stretchy nude underneath 👌🏼 And at only $82, it won’t last long! • Shop the whole look in-store until 7 pm, or online at xx
⚠️ Warning ⚠️ By following this recipe you end up with chocolate in your mouth. 👉🏽 2 scoops @vitalproteins vanilla collagen creamer #currentaddiction 👉🏽 1/2 cup of sprouted cashews 👉🏽 1.5 cups Chaga tea 👉🏽 1 T (heaping) @pureindianfoods ghee 👉🏽 3 drops @omicaorganics vanilla stevia 👉🏽 1 Tsp ashwaganda extract powder 👉🏽 pinch of himalayan sea salt 👉🏽top with cacao nibs (lots) ⚠️ chew cacao nibs with every sip and 💥 boom 💥 you get chocolate 🍫 I ended up adding about another tablespoon after my first few bites 🤤So good. Chew Your Elixir Drink Your Food #superfoods #elixir #nutrientdense #mindbodygram #thekitchn #onthetable #instahealth #healthyfoodshare #foodmatters #iamwellandgood #thefeedfeed #foodblogfeed #goodmoodfood #instahealth #getinmybelly #eatingfortheinsta #wellnessblogger #instablogger #healthyliving
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"Our residents have taught me that life is short and you need to live it to the fullest. You only live once." - Allan, Health Care Aide
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Beautiful but cold
Happy Birthday Seester! I can’t believe you’re 20!! I still remember the very first day I saw you and thought, my very own real life doll!! Thank you for letting me play dress up with you, and trying all my crazy hairstyles on you while you patiently sat there! Welcome to the 20’s.... you’re going to love it!! Love you always Thing One! #seester #birthday #sajanfamjam #thingone