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그만 타도 될 것 같은데 계속 까매지는중..😂
너무 아름다웠던 곳. 1층은 이렇게 카페 겸 식당으로 되어있고 2층부터 루프탑까지 가구전시회장이다. It was a beautiful place. This is the first floor and a cafe. But other floors consist of the furniture exhibition.
마트구경이 세상에서 제일 재밌어👅
[ Pinch ] 📍Austin, TX > Spicy Mayo Bento ($6.00)
Went for a walk in the park. It felt really nice. I usually don't like spring or spending much time outside, but I'm trying to change that about myself. Winter is my favorite season, but I have no choice but to appreciate all the seasons as they come. They'll come and go whether I want them to, so I might as well find some good things about them. #Plants #plants🌿 #Outdoors #Park #Green #나무 #미국 #Parque #afuera #Plantas