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Day 68: was told today by the lovely girl at @brassylassyinc that mine and @jennrideout energy perfectly matched and i couldn’t agree more — had a great friendship date with her today 👯‍♀️ #100happydays
#100daysofhappy #day26 so today was a seriously busy day but it made me realise how happy I am. Work was good despite not having a proper break. I managed to fit in an early morning workout, the third this week! I also found time to shop after work for birthday cards and found a gift for my daughter and then I felt happy to cook curry from scratch for tea. Some days are just better than others and today felt like a good day
Day Fifty Three 👯‍♀️ - Spent time with this beautiful soul, and was told that our energies were perfectly matched ❤️ #100DaysOfHappy
Day 32: I want the new @conteam hoodies but I don’t have money😂.
Almost forgot to share these NY doors and windows with you! Which one is your favorite? Mine the blue one. 😉💙
Day 42: probably spent a little too long laying on the floor comforting her but her loud purrs and kisses were totally worth it😍 #100daysofhappy 📸: @bradwhelan93