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I’m so glad she’s starting to tolerate tummy time now. Still isn’t her favorite time, but it’s getting better!
Sometimes I can’t handle just how precious she is.
Life's good when you can still fit in the sink! 😜😍 Happy Monday, loves!
She wants to hold her own bottle soooo bad, but she doesn’t have it down 100% yet. So when I propped it just a bit with the burp cloth she was so excited bc she thought she was going it all by herself. 😊
🎀 Miss Sophia Grace is 3 months old!! 3️⃣ This month has been fun for our sweet girl! She’s not laughing when we tickle her, but when she does start we won’t stop! 🎀 Sophia is 8 pounds and 6 ounces and a little over 19.5 inches long! 💪🏼 In the past month she had her last eye appointment at Children’s and were very pleased that her eyes have completely matured! 👀 🎀 Miss Sophia has been rolling back and forth and really loves tummy time! Taking naps with Dad are her fave! 🎀 We’re very happy that Sophia has been sleeping through the night in her room! As soon as she gets Daddy to swaddle her she is out! 😴 Mom is extra thankful for the extra sleep, too!
Happy Monday from Violet Rose! The boys and I will be back with Jamie and the babies in Phoenix by the end of the week! 🧔🏻👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♂️👦🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼🎉 We’ll have a new vlog up later today. If you haven’t checked out our vlogs yet, you can find us at Five Two Love on YouTube. We are keepin it fun, keepin it short, but, most importantly, keepin it real, as we share our family adventure with you! You can always find our latest vlog in our IG profile. Have an awesome week!! #growingfamily #scquints
It amazes me how much progress Max has made lately. I think his Grommets have helped him immensely and the change of Epilepsy medication has made a massive difference to his mood and temperament. This morning I said to him “Max, it’s time for Nursery, shall we go and get in the car?”. In response he drops his toy and excitedly crawls to the front door and holds his arms up ready for me to carry him to the car. ❤️ He used to be so unresponsive! He may not be verbal (yet, we’ll never give up trying) but he sure is starting to understand 😊 Here he is enjoying his day yesterday at an Animal Sanctuary, he was laughing his socks off at the sound of the Roosters 😂 #cerebralpalsy #simba #hydrocephalus #visuallyimpaired #gdd #epilepsy #nonverbal #premmie #premature #29weeker #specialneeds #sen #hero
I created a few custom cards for this little 29 weeker Eloise & her Mumma to help them celebrate some ongoing milestones at home. Look at her cheeky grin after sleeping through the night 😍 @my_mini_miracle #miraclemumma
Leave it to Eric to be ridiculous when I tell him to smile...🤷🏻‍♀️