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This little girl is getting so big so fast! She finally made it to the sitting position all on her own today. After many weeks of trying. 😊 • Also look how grown she looks with all those teeth. 😭 • • • #34weeker #emilyrae #preemie #preemiedad #preemiemom #preemiebaby #preemiestrong #littlemissmoorman #babygirlmoorman #babygirl #daddysgirl #daddylovesyou #mommasgirl #mommasworld #mommalovesyou #girlmom #momlife #parenting #love #beautiful #mylove #myheart #loveofmylife #daughter #instababy #instababygirl #babiesofinstagram #instagood #9monthsold
Happy 5th birthday to our feisty, determined Maisie! She’s continued to amaze me since the day she was born. Defeating all the odds against her. She’s one tough cookie. She is my most emotional child, my biggest “feeler”, she never wants help... she says she can do it 💪🏻, she literally eats more then I do in a day but never gains weight, 99.9% off photos of her she’s not looking and off in her own world, she would sleep in and snuggle you all day. We love you Maisie. So proud of you xo
(日本語下に⇩) My big girl has lost another tooth last night...oh my goodness, she grows so fast😵 I don’t think no one even guess that she was born prematurely any girl is beautiful, kind, tall, lean, and super healthy🌟 I gave up on wishing to stop her growth but am actually very much looking forward to enjoy witnessing who she’ll become & her life journeys😊 Love ya, my beautiful soul❤️ ...From next time, I’d like to know at least a day before but not like your tooth comes out only a couple minutes after I hear you saying “My tooth is loose...”, so we could possibly prepare some $1s for tooth fairy🧚🏻‍♀️ $10 was whatsoever the smallest we had at house last night😂 #myfavoritehuman #weirdomary #toothfairy サメも興醒めの勢いで歯が入れ替わる娘、昨晩いよいよ乳歯奥歯が抜けました🦷 ひぃ〜っ、早っ😵‼️ もう未熟児なんて思いもよらない、立派な娘です…ほんと背も高いし健康優良児だし、素晴らしい❣️ ここまで大きいと、成長が止まることなんて思うこともなく、ここから先どんな風に大きくなってどんな大人になるのか共に生きて見ていくのが楽しみでなりません❤️ …ただ、「なんか歯がグラグラしてるよ」から5分で抜けるとか、やめてよね😑 トゥースフェアリーする予定なかったから、家にある小さなお金が$10しかなかった…どんな太っ腹フェアリーだっつの😂 #トゥースフェアリー #34weeker #michigan #grandrapids #kids #kids_japan #ig_kidsphoto #ig_kidsjapan #kjp_international . . . #日米ハーフ #ハーフ #ハーフ小学生 #ハーフ男子 #ハーフキッズ #小学生 #小学3年生 #9歳 #アメリカ生活 #国際結婚 #ミシガン #グランドラピッズ #親バカ #親バカ部 #bilingual #バイリンガル
On my 34th birthday is it too early in my life to say all of my dreams have come true?!🙏🏼🌈👑🦁👶🏼🐶🐈☀️🌊. . This last year of my life has been the happiest and hardest-I birthed a baby, survived 36days in the NICU and postpartum anxiety that came with it🌪then went to surf camp @groundswellcommunityproject and remembered how to have fun 🏄🏼‍♀️ I reconnected with my yoga and exercise and meditation practices to heal and appreciate my body even more now than before I was pregnant🧘🏼‍♀️I resigned from my clinic job but learned how REAL and neverending momwork is when we continuously give love and milk to our babies with our whole bodies and hearts every single day, nonstop. with no breaks—like ever for the rest of our lives and theirs😅🤯🙃. . I’ve felt the most scared while being the most hopeful and seen that the best parts of my life lay on the other side of fear. I’ve learned vulnerability and love are my strengths and being honest and asking for help just builds our community and connection to each other, especially when it comes to new moms- we are all stronger and better than we give ourselves credit for. Im learning to be more open to feeling loved and accepting support so that I can teach my baby to trust and love other people and the water and god and himself. I am thankful for every minute of this year and promise to be gentle and patient and have fun on my 34th trip☀️🤸🏼‍♀️🌕. . 💙Logan and our family will be walking with @marchofdimes this year to raise awareness of the risks and healthcare needs of premature babies and mothers. We would so much appreciate any friends who would like to join us for the walk or donate to our March for Babies team💙 ☝🏼 OR ☝🏼 . . . #marchforbabies #miraclebabies #godsplan #prematurityawareness #vasaprevia #34weeker #nicu #preemie #nicugrad #nicumom #newmom #postpartum #surftherapy #ptsd #ppd #rainbowbaby #grateful #momlife #honestmotherhood #sandiego #littlelionlogan
✨Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering & doubting. Have faith that things will work out, maybe not how you planned, but just how it’s meant to be.✨ That quote is so freaking true but easier said than done when you have anxiety, right?! I can be a bit of a worrier. Mostly about shit I can’t control. Great use of time, right? 🤷🏼‍♀️ And when I was pregnant, it was amplified (I am a TERRIBLE prego), but even more so with Maren’s pregnancy, I don’t know why...I was just always worried she would come early. Little did we know my worries would become reality & she would show us who was in control by having to be delivered via emergency c-section 6 weeks early. I think she knew I needed a reality check. Or that I needed to find something else to do with my time besides worry about things beyond my control, like go workout. 😂 On her first birthday, almost 4 years ago, I decided to make myself a priority. To make time for me so I can be a better version of myself for those around me & part of what I wanted to focus on was worrying less and living more. 
Does that mean I don’t have moments where my anxiety is controlling me instead of me controlling it? No, not always but do you know what has helped these last 4 years? 👉🏼Staying active. 👉🏼Eating healthier. 👉🏼Getting a good nights sleep. 👉🏼Focusing on personal growth.
👉🏼And my meds. No shame in my pill popping game. 
My current lifestyle + my meds make me a way less anxious person than I was 4 years ago & that is what works best for ME! You have to find what works best for you, but I promise you, no one with anxiety ever regrets a good sweat session. Even though it is hard to always believe it, we can’t control everything so worrying over it won’t change the outcome, it only stops us from enjoying the moment. And just remember, this moment, right now, IS YOUR LIFE.🙌🏼
Eight months! Eliana has officially been earth side longer than I was pregnant with her 😅 #34weeker She has two teeth on the bottom, and FOUR coming in at the same time on top! She loves her pureed food. She lights up when she sees her kitties and puppy. She talks up a storm all day long, blows spit bubbles, sticks her foot in her mouth, can sit unassisted for like, 15 seconds. Her laugh is contagious. She makes me laugh every single day, and everytime I look into those big blue eyes, I know everything's gonna be just fine. #ElianaRayHurlbert #twelvemonthsofeliana