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Our favorite handheld device is the star of the Adventure Time comic coming in March 2018 ➡️ new post at
B M O 🌈 _______________________________________________________ Please make sure to visit WWW.MADPOPPIN.COM for availability, pricing and product details 😃 _______________________________________________________ Madpoppin 11688 South Street Suite 202 Artesia, CA 90701 ☎️ 562.303.1444 📧 info _______________________________________________________ STORE HOURS: M- F:  11AM - 7PM Sat:  11AM - 6PM Sun:  11AM - 5PM _______________________________________________________ #adventuretime #bmo
They built the house on Lakeshore for the Reds... Feeling a bit nostalgic about the early days and the long walks to and from BMO. Big shout out to all the good people in 114 who stuck it out over the years... “We slip and slide as we fall in love, and I just can’t seem to get enough of you” #tfc #champions #mlscup #114 #supporters
Success does not happen by mistake, it is not stumbled upon. Success is planned for, and systematically worked out. Abubakar and Munirat's wedding, is an example of systemically planned and worked out success. There were hurdles and we surmounted them, God helping us. Here is something my pastor says to me all the time: The anointing gives us the advantage in the earthly things we do, but does not exempt us from the earthly things we must do. The higher the level of success one wants to attain, the higher the level of discipline required." #NaDWorkWeyWeDeyDo #abujawedding #eventvendor #waiters #ushers #eventplanner #bmo #riverplatepark #jjintegrity #abujaentrepreneuralhub #abujaeventplanner
Celebrating the holidays with my team #NY Market #BMO