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New THREADS Beanie! On store now!
New THREADS Beanie! On store now!
Having an amazing morning! @noxrp
Max got a bit confused 🤷‍♂️ that Instagram sign, the same as on dad’s iPhone 📱, can be real, very real and he could touch it 😁 Connecting virtual reality and physical one 😁
Let's be real, living out of your car doesn't sound like the most ideal situation. There are a lot of negative views and preconceived notions about what it means to live out of ones car. _______________ 1. You must be lazy. I am not I got my first job at 12, it was a summer job and I worked 6days a week 13hours a day. When I was 17 I worked a full time job and a part time job while I finished highschool and started college. When I was 21 I spent Xmas sleeping all day because it was my first day off in months. 2. I am naive. I am a realist actually...and an optimist....and a romantic. I swear it's a thing if you've followed me for a while or met me then you know and if you haven't keeping on watching and see. 3. If I haven't held down a "real job" in two months I must have parents that pay for me. I don't. Every purchase I make is on me and has been for a very long time (see number 1 why else would I be on that hard of a grind) _________________ So now that we've cleared that up let's talk about why one might choose to live out of their car. ______ 1. Travel This is the biggest reason for me. I've always wanted to road trip and see the country but I told myself that the time wasnt right and that there would be time in the future. After 2017 (the ever present threat of nuclear war, neo Nazis marching on campuses at night with torches, a homophobic and totalitarian regime hacking into our social media accounts to swing an election, not to mention everything that went on with me personally) I realized that the future is now. So I got in my car and left. 2. Minimalism The less I have the happier I am. Living out of my car forces me to be a minimalist. Everything I own has to a serve a purpose. Most things are multipurpose. 3. Rent I started paying rent when I was 16. That's 11 years of faithfully handing over at least 40 hours of my life so that I had a place to cook shower and sleep. (Over three of those years were in Brooklyn sooo way more than 40hours). It just started to seem crazy to me. Hope you're all getting ready for a fun weekend. I'm in San Diego if you know of any good places to camp or any fun things to do let me know 🤗🤗🤗
@42ndStreetDesign details (like this darling #916 pillow) make this modern farmhouse a home. #Midtown flagship open today 10a-6p. Come by and say 👋🏻
С детства любовь к воде, а точнее к звукам которые она создаёт. Она успокаивает, умиротворяет, снимает стресс, очищает мысли и помогает обрести внутреннюю гармонию. Даже шум воды в ванной на меня влияет лучше любого успокоительного, а океан то еще и безумно красивый❤️ Water is my cure and my drug. Always helps me to calm down, find balance, clear thought, and achieve harmony. Running water noise is my remedy from all stress. Ocean, in addition, got all the beauty. Can’t help staring at it forever. Better than any meditation🙏🏻 #ocean #water #remedy #cure #balance #harmony #peace #peaceofmind #girl #pacificocean #lajolla #lajollacove #meditation #california #caliliving #travel
I remember the day I took this picture. Every so often I look back through my old pics and some pretty awesome memories pop up. I often miss California, and so many people that have come and gone in my life in the past few years. So far 2018 has shook me, and I continue to encounter new situations that force me to see new opportunities for growth and progress. Do we ever really forget or move on? Or is a small piece of every experience left with us forever as time goes on? I don’t have an answer for you, but I hope through this journey im on I leave a little piece of something special behind with all of you. I hope 2018 is beautiful for all of us, and I hope we cross paths to share the tale 🙏🏼