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This is pretty much the shell of my new precious fkn prop! Tbh idc! I have a lady boner for my bass! Prop: Murdoc's bass El Diablo from @gorillaz Made by: yours truly~ Sadly she wont sing but hey... ill have the real thing one day... Song: Dirty Harry (BRITs animation) Screen Only version by Gorillaz # #band #BRITawards #propreplica #itlooksbadnow #shesnotsanded #eldiablo #bass #guitar #comments #murdoc #murdocniccalscosplay #murdocniccals #russel #noodle #2D #cosplay #canada #craftfoam #evafoam #wood #cosplayer #canadian
I look in the mirror and I am proud to be ugly 🙈😂 • • Photographer📸: @muradah
Gill Fritter, 27, stands in a spark of anger, tipping over his matcha green tea and scuffing the fine staining on his dining room table. After an afternoon of wading through politically charged Facebook videos of the Eastern Asian fur-trade and a documentary about an underfunded all-girls school in Jordan, Fritter erupts, shouting a phrase exuded from the depths of his empathetic, and altogether selfless personality. “Something Has To Be Done!” With his credit card poised to check out an overflowing Amazon cart, one containing several ironic 6-panel Dad Hats and a new water bottle that simultaneously does his taxes and keeps his drink cold for 3 weeks, Fritter does the most heroic thing in his powers: closes the tab. No exuberant consumerism for him in this dark age of humanity. Instead, he composes himself and pens a media-laden facebook post about how we should all think less about ourselves, and a little more about those less fortunate. “There’s too much pain in this world,” he writes, “to keep making everything about ourselves.” He challenges all his friends to act like him. If Ghandi can go on a hunger strike, than he can suppress himself from a single vapid act of self-satisfaction. When asked if he was going to put any of the money he didn’t spend on Amazon towards a small donation to the school in Jordan, or even to take a few minutes to sign a petition to stop the inhumane skinning of live, endangered species, Fritter replied solemnly: “I’ve done my part. Now that I’ve put the challenge out there, it’s up to others on my feed to keep the trend going.” He asked us not to forget that he has the entirety world’s pain on his shoulders, and that should be enough.
Really excited to share this post from @instagramyeg and the pic I took at their Instameet. I know I posted it once but I won a prize! 😊😊 Thank you for being such a welcoming and wonderful community in #yeg A special shoutout to the sponsors @paired_clothing and @locallaundry and a really special shoutout to the guest host, @absentlight.raw who has inspired me far more than he probably knows! If you don’t follow these awesome pages, get to it! ❤️❤️ ——————————————————————— . . . . #yegig #edmontonviews #exploreedmonton #explorealberta #canada #hockey #pondhockey #canadaviews #canadian #createexplore #foto #fotografia #mylife
Sometimes it's just better to rip the fluffy white without poles to get in your way! #gogorilla 📷 @scottyb1033