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Follow us @CR7_fans.ig for news Let me just say... 87.004.800 seconds 1.450.080 minutes 24.168 hours 1007 days It took me that long for my dream to come true. I remember when i started this account. Time, place, date, everything, like it was yesterday. I remember telling my friend "Imagine me having 1k followers". Now look at this number. 100k followers, 100k people from all across the world. I just can't tell how happy i am. I've had moments when i was sad, depressed, cried, but every time i felt alone i'd just opet instagram and every single problem would disapear. At some point, this kept me alive. I've never thought i'd reach this number. It was just a dream which now, with your help, came true. I just want to thank you for supporting me almost 2 years. There is no word that can explain my lvl of happines right now. I've never thought of selling this account, i'd never do that. I can't describe how much i love Cristiano and i'm proud to say that he's my idol. Thank you sooo much once again! I love you all! You guys are my daily motivation to never stop doing this. This day, 27.12.2017 is a special day to me. 😭❤ Thank you Hvala Obrigado Gracias Teşekkür ederim Shukran Cпасибо Tack Merci Danke Mahalo Grazie Շնորհակալություն Tag your friend now ____________________________ #cristianoronaldo #ig #cristianoronaldo7 #cristianoronaldothebest #cristianoronaldodossantosaveiro #cristianoronaldojr #cristianoronaldojunior #cristianoronaldofans #cristianoronaldolegacy #cristianoronaldo2015