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Let’s talk for a second about self care. As a mom we always forget about ourselves {believe me now with three I just realized I didn’t eat lunch yet - thank god for my shake #quickandeasy #theycalledmethatinhighschool #lmfaojk} Any who - my entire pregnancy everyone told me “you should rest, you workout to much, you should slow down” && to be honest some days maybe I should have but for the most part I am glad I listened to my body. Now I know not everyone has the Luxury of feeling great during pregnancy and being able to workout or even eat healthy. But if you are able body you should be taking care of yourself. I had a baby 6 days ago No I’m not “lucky” and just “bounced back” 🙄 with Jaxon i had all the fluff to prove I didn’t take care of myself the whole time so I’m not a “bounce backer” This time around I vowed to take care of my body, I worked out 3-5 days a week and I ate as healthy as I could with the occasional donut. My delivery was so much easier && so far my recovery is astronomical different Yes I know it’s the second time around and every time is different. BUT I have to attribute most of how I’m feeling now to how well I took care of myself before hand. Labor and delivery takes a toll on our bodies && this is Exactly why we NEED to take care of ourselves if we can. I am not posting this to shove in anyone’s face - but more in hopes to inspire at least one Momma to start her journey to take care of herself. Reach out if you need help I am always ready to add an inspired Momma to our team. Ps: peep those Momma stripes 😍 I finally got my battle scares to prove these boys came out of me #ilovescars
I’m Okay in Flats , But imma Bad Bitch in Heels 👠❤️ #datbodydoe