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Even though your bedroom is a private space that is seen by fewer people than your living room or kitchen, it should be an equally stylish sanctuary. Like I have stated in my previous posts that you can never go wrong with gold or ochre or a combination of both.This classic color pairing works in both traditional and eclectic styles. Incorporating shades of yellow makes it a pleasure to wake up in the mornings! Wood posters and sunny shades capture the old world charm and drama . These custom made metal runners on the posts add an extra detail to the whole look making it more dramatic and leather headboard enhances it.Don’t forget to add more character by draping the posts , here I loosely draped the runners for an additional swag! #bedroomdecor #masterbedroom #gold #leather #woodenposter #draping #dramatic #staging #interiordesigners #interiordesign #interiorstyling #chicagointeriordesign #realtors #photooftheday #photography #guestbedroom #woodandmetal #leatherheadboard #popofcolor #elegant #homestyling #homedecor #stylish #drama #eclecticdecor #posh #luxurious #luxurydesign #stagings.360
DE ENCONTRO COM A VIDA Sinopse: Quando está prestes a terminar a faculdade, Saliya (Kostja Ullmann) começa a sofrer os efeitos de uma grave doença genética e perde 95% da visão. O rapaz sempre teve o sonho de trabalhar em um grande hotel de luxo, mas todas as candidaturas de emprego são recusadas em função de sua deficiência. Ele decide então esconder o fato de ser praticamente cego, e se candidata a um dos maiores hotéis de Munique. Contando com a ajuda do amigo Max (Jacob Matschenz), ele enfrenta as dificuldades diárias, enquanto conhece a bela Laura (Anna Maria Mühe) e se apaixona. Mas até quando conseguirá manter o segredo? Direção: #MarcRothemund Elenco: : #KostjaUllmann, #JacobMatschenz, #AnnaMariaMühe Distribuidora: #AlphaFilmes Já nos cinemas! #SouCinema
Cinema Watch: Slightly late on this one: • - Love, Simon delightfully encapsulates the struggles and benefits of "coming out". To start with, yes I am gay. Does everyone know? No, they don't. I will do my very best to not make this review personal and solely focus on the film itself. Simon is an average teenager in high school who leads a normal life, except he has one big secret...he is gay. He confides in an anonymous individual, simply known as "Blue", to which he attempts to decipher the real identity of this mysterious entity that he has fallen in love with. This film...I don't know what it's done to me, but it has changed me. Rarely do I walk out of a cinema experience and feel enlightened to actively want to change myself for the better. There are a numerous number of factors to this. The excellent natural character development that differentiates each other to create memorable personalities. The witty humorous screenplay that intelligently balances the emotional heartache with a light tone of warmth and tenderness. The charismatic acting, particularly from Robinson, that conveys the complicated feelings and the internal battle for wanting to "come out". The excessive bubbly narrative tone that resembles the high school environment that is being portrayed. All of the above represent colourful components to a gay rainbow that is an incarnation of the word: relatable. I cannot begin to fathom how rare it is to find a film that illustrated my life. Love, Simon did just that. I saw myself in a myriad of characters, that's enough reasoning to prove how thorough the character development was. I teared up twice and the "coming out" scene to his parents tore my heart into tiny pieces. Sure, it slightly leans towards the fluffy side of teen drama where it detracts from some more emotional moments. Yet I find myself compelled to inform you that this film is an important step for cinema. A mainstream Hollywood drama dealing with the agonising process of "coming out". How many of them can you say you've seen? I smiled, laughed, teared and sympathised. Now if you'll excuse me I've got some wrongs to right in my life. • Love, Simon = 9/10
Ombre Dietro il Sipario presenta "FENICIE", tragedia greca liberamente tratta e adattata dall'opera di EURIPIDE. Odio, amore, legami familiari, guerra, sete di potere: sono solo alcune delle emozioni che accompagneranno lo spettatore in un crescente AGONE DRAMMATICO. Spettacolo in cui le passioni umane prendono vita attraverso personaggi antichi, ma sempre attuali. Vi aspettiamo Sabato 12 Maggio alle ore 21:00, presso l'Associazione Arci Dravelli in Via Praciosa 11, Moncalieri (TO). INGRESSO GRATUITO AD OFFERTA LIBERA PRENOTAZIONE OBBLIGATORIA!! PER INFO E PRENOTAZIONI: - 3338462311 -ombredietroilsipario #ombredietroilsipario #teatro #tragediagreca #euripide #dramma #theatre #tragedy #drama #emotions #scene #stagedirector #actor