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What a twisted idea for a date night with @sandrafaustinalee - taking her to her very first running track session since Junior College! What better way than to sweat it out together with our extended running family. Thank you @moonlakelee and @shuzhen for guiding Sandra tonight, and to everyone for the fun teamwork! Photo credit: Moonlake Lee. #Teamwork #RunningFamily #RunningCouple #CoupleGoals #OOTD #AchievementUnlocked #SingaporeAthletics #OneTeamSG #ONEathlete #RunONE #InstaRunners #SGrunners #FamilyHealthChiroSG #Chiropractic #ASICSSG #TeamASICS #IMoveMe #GCM18
Back to full training and ready to take on new challenges! Can’t wait. #beatyesterday
Another awesome @txrrunners session. So tonight this happened. New VO2 max. Not 100% sure I understand exactly what it means but it’s got to be good right? And another fastest pace 3:11 👊🏼👊🏼 This is my 3rd session and I see what all the fuss is about. And apparently this is where @kjrunningisfun and @bennyrunsaround met. Proper love story. These guys are getting married this weekend. Congrats guys 💕
BREATH • LAUGH • RUN in the rain 👌 . . Recovery run on the menu - 5km of Run therapy to clear the head. Nothing better than running in the rain. . 5km (6.07) HR 156 ⬆️ . #Road2GCM18 #RunWithKat #RebuildingTheEngine 🏃🏻‍♀️❤️
Tag a friend who needs a cheeky reminder that early bird fees finish on Sunday 29 April (11:59pm AEST) #GCM18
So...I did it! I finally signed up for the Gold Coast Marathon @gcmarathon! I’ve been training all year with a couple of training programs from Hal Higdon @higdonmarathon and have steadily seen my running increase - technique, endurance and even mental stability while pounding the pavement! This will be my first full marathon and I’m pretty bloody excited about it! I’ve been running with a new pair of Mizunos for the first time after getting some great feedback and assistance from the lovely Margot Manning from @intrainingshop to help with my stability. My husband @brockard88 has been all-powerful helping me with technique and encouragement. My world have been so supportive in my latest endeavour and I am indebted to you all. Thank you 🙌🏼 - - - #GCM #GCM18 #Running #Runner #Marathon #MarathonTraining #PavementPounder #NewChallenge #AlwaysPushYourself