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✨🤓Multiple geeky things alert! ✨I quite fancied finding out how I'd look with silver hair, so testing out the wig look again 🥀. To throw some geek into the mix, why not add my new batman T and the Teenage Mutant Ninja headband thingy I made ages ago (which also cleverly hides my giant forehead 😂). Hope you all had a great weekend! Also, red or silver 🤔♥️? #geek #geekgirl #silverhair #wig #teenagemutantninjaturtles #batman #geekstyle #nerd #alternative #nosepiercing #girlswithpiercings
I’m pretty sure my ear piercings are just going to rip some day from all the giant #earring torture I put them through. This introverted and awkward (throw in the social anxiety, too) woman decided last night would be the first time in over a year that I’d go out on a weekend night. I got home at like 3am. Alcohol was everywhere but I didn’t drink, of course, because seeing people drink doesn’t seem to bother me at all anymore. I just had coffee and water, and watched people act a fool. At a certain point in the evening people weren’t just acting stupid, they were being shitheads. So yeah, if I decide to go out again with a group of people I’m going home by midnight so I don’t want to scream at everyone to stop being so annoying. That being said, you know, like 7-11:30 was fun. I had an amazing sequin covered dress from @boohoousa on and apparently that is like, incredibly compelling to drunk people. “Oh my god you’re so sparkly!” “you’re so shiny!”...all night. I kind of wish random completely sober people would say that to me every day. I would like to be constantly sparkling. ✨ even though it’s a #Snapchat photo small rundown of products lipstick #maybelline foundation @tartecosmetics blush mix of #elfcosmetics & #narscosmetics highlighter I actually pulled from the #modernrenaissancepalette and #coverfx drops. Eyebrows all #anastasiabeverlyhills eyeshadow all #urbandecay eyeliner #emcosmetics there was more but I’m bored of this now. #hashtagbomb #girlswithpiercings #septumpiercing #verticallabret #bluehair #motd #latergram #dyeddollies
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