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Tout est dit. La différence est flagrante dans les résultats. Perso je me moque: 🔓 des kilos sur la balance, ce qui compte ce sont les centimètres perdus sur certaines zones ciblées de mon corps. ⏳du temps qu'il me faudra pour atteindre une silhouette harmonieuse et ferme. Il est toujours plus facile de fermer sa bouche que de bouger ses fesses. ■ #quotes #goals #motivation #regimeuse #healthy #bodytransformation #inprogress #bodypositive #wellness #wealth #health #sport #fitspo #teamshape #fitfam #bodygoals #fitnesstransformation #exercise #inspiration #onlacherien #move #activeliving #onlacherien #tca
"Wow, you're so thin! You lose a ton of weight! How? #goals " From 180 pounds to a 130 pounds. I lose tons but I gained a lot of attention. What's behind the "fit body" are the crippling #depression and the hyped #anxiety Eating disorders fucks up your brains. It's intoxicating that all you thought about is dying. Now that I've recovered, thoughts are still there, I've gained weight, but I gained my life back.
One month ago @sharon_zuijdervliet wrote her first blog post for Better by Goalie. You probably wonder how things are going for her now! She wrote a new post about it, link in the bio.📱 --- Een maand geleden schreef @sharon_zuijdervliet haar eerste blogartikel voor Better by Goalie. Je vraagt je vast af hoe het nu met haar gaat! Ze vertelt het je in het nieuwste artikel. link in de bio.📱
• Eat what you love, love what you eat • A lot of people complain about what they "must" eat to get their goals. Asking what food is necessary to get lean? I don't consciously think what is the 'healthiest' thing to eat today? Instead I think, what food is best going to fuel my brain, my soul, my day or my workout? Then I choose accordingly. Pancakes and donuts are soul food and are a pleasure that should not be denied. However, they're obviously not going to be the best source of food for energy or every activity. • I'm probably weird in that I can eat the same stuff every day and never get sick of it. I feel you should eat for your goals, but you should eat what you like too. The more you restrict, the more issues you'll tend to have when it comes with your relationship with food. My habits aren't for everyone.. They work for me and what I've learnt works best for me. Take the time and get to know what works best for you, your lifestyle, your happiness and your overall health! And if you fall... Pick yourself back up and start the process back up with no less enthusiasm than when you started. • This was my dinner teriyaki chicken with side of green beans marinated in chili sauce and sesame seeds. YUM