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the duality
Pink or Blue... no thank you! As a Trans Woman, pink has always stressed me out. It likely has something to do with consumer culture which is shoving it in the face of the Little girls to be pretty in pink and do girl stuff. Clothes inherit the gender of the person whom wears them. If a non binary person wears them they are non binary clothing. As a little girl who wasn’t afforded the opportunity to be and do the things that made sense for her at that time, I was mad at the girls who could and developed a healthy disdain for pink. Later in life I avoided it like the plague cause I was afraid of being found out to be a femme or female identified human due to programmed sexist and misogynistic views taught by a broken Cistem. Well I’m a loud proud femme and you can take your masc4masc and shove it! Then came airport security post 9/11 machines, pink or blue, pink or blue! F**k you. I have anomalies in pink and blue. After much abuse, stress, and harm I’ve had to work on my being harder to have soundness of mind and body autonomy. Then come the TERFs who “think” they are feminists, but dismiss me outright, it hurts thank you very much. The toxic masculinity in the queer community, it hurts thank you very much. The barrage of questions about transgender business from the Cises... and so on and so forth. A pink hat might save me from physical attack in the women’s room and yet pink still makes me a bit sick. I’m not pink or blue, I’m pink and blue and all the colors and all colors I wear bear the She/Her pronouns cause they are my pronouns. So with my disdain for pink I put on my shield and take on the world today. #transisbeautiful #transgender #translife #pink #pretty #womenempowerment #feminism #femme #girlslikeus #pinkdress #pinkhat #schooled #trans #tgirl #queer #lgbt #lucky #sober #grateful #crossdresser #sissy #comeforme #they #them #her
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he sounds like an empty bottle of windex cr: @jeonitized