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I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout 💚 . Such an honor to participate in 2018's 🌎 Thinking Day sponsored by @gsacpc . . #GirlScoutsAZ #GirlScoutsRock #MeAndMyGirls #DanceParty #ZumbaFitness #ZumbaLove #DanceInstructor #GoGetters #Innovators #DoGood #DreamBig #HealthyKids #AliveWithPurpose #PoundFitness #PoundTourCrew #RebelWithACause #AthletaAmbassador #PowerOfShe #commUNITY #Thankful #LTemployee
Cheesy poofs! Omg how much kids love these things! Pirates booty brand makes some good ones too! This lunchbox has a fun mix of things my son loves. • gluten free chicken tenders with bbq and ranch mixed for dipping • smart puffs • cucumbers • blackberries • honey roasted walnuts Happy lunching! #glutenfreelunchboxideas #hippiecitychick #planetbox
Thank you to everyone for coming out to our event "Painting For Health" 🎨This was a FREE event with refreshments for children within our community! If your child attended today’s event😉 I’m sure your child had lots of fun creating a healthy masterpiece, thank you @armeniar1 🌠 Check out our nonprofit @willswayinc. And also check us out online at . WE MAKE FIT FUN ❕ Make healthier choices today🍐🍏🍍 Enjoy ❕ #WeMakeFitFun #healthychoices #funsnacks #winterstl #healthyfood #nonprofit #stlnonprofit #fitness #healthylifestyle #stlmoms #stlfitness #stl #estl #healthykids #stlkids
I started looking into getting healthier options for my mood and emotions. 😖Now in the meantime, my mom has used these snake oil stuff for years and have left several behind for me to use and try and I wasn’t having it! I thought she was crazy talking about how oils can help with sleep and if I rub a dab of this on my kids they would calm down. I thought she was losing it!😳 When I read posts, it said if you rub Purification on the inside of your shoes they would help the smell.😷 I have always had stinky feet so I figured why not?! I started thinking what else have been missing out on? If this little thing could take the smell away from my life-long issue with stinky feet then what else could these little oils do right? I then went to lemon and started putting 2 drops in my water everyday and started noticing a difference in my body right away. I was also working out and starting to notice people were using PanAway for muscles😆 and other oils for respiratory support. I was interested in getting more and realized the best deal was the kit since it included what I wanted to try and the others plus a diffuser, i ordered the kit, started diffusing the oils and the very first night I put lavender and peace and calming in and was amazed😴😴 at the results. I snatched the Stress Away and started it right away too. I have some oils I have been using for Migraines and Emotional Support too.😍😍 I am truly grateful for the support I have been led to. I am so excited to see what opportunities come next as I learn how to utilize more from nature. I am so happy from this income as well. I have seen friends grow to change their stars 👑and make a greater life for their family but their children’s family as well. I am talking about life-changing growth and opportunities to give back in ways I have never even dreamed of.💖💖 I am in the beginning now but I know this is completely possible and achievable. I am so excited for the opportunities and friendships I have already been exposed to. I'm changing my stars and giving thanis to God for letting me see the vision ❤💕
If your tired, rest! . I know it’s hard when there’s a million things to be done, so many people to see, perhaps a family to look after, a job to do, bills to pay! . But if you don’t rest for a while now you’ll end up quitting later on! We need to prioritise rest, to take stock of our physical and emotional state and care for ourselves as much as we care for others! . What’s something you like to do to rest? ✌🏻
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Words to live by. 🙌🏼💕✨
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