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I just pulled my first all-nighter in 4 years!! . Working in this rhythm is bad because it's like taking loans from your own health. Those loans come with bad, BAD interest rates. You exhaust your resource too much, and when it is exhausted... we all know what happens. . I promise myself that I will pamper myself when it's over. 💅🥘🍣🍰💃👭👠💄🥂🎉🤸‍♀️🏞🌉🛏🛌🛀📚. But for now, I'm celebrating the fact that I have accumulated enough resource to actually afford this loan. I actually could work for the whole night. For the first time in 4 years. HOW ABOUT THAT. . . . . (Picture from yesterday, obv. I look like a mashed potato now) . . . . #mentalhealth #depressionrecovery #mentalhealthwarrior #cyclicvomitingsyndrome #cyclicvomitingsyndromenetwork #bipolardisorder #mentalhealthblogger #recovery #chronicfatiguesyndrome #chronicfatigue #depression #mania #anxiety #panicattacks #kickingass #allnighter #nerd #academiclife #health #workaholic #glasses #pamper #ambition #hardwork #proud #hi #achievement #energy
Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been that active on this account. Keeping up with two insta’s is tough lol. Anyways, I also took a week off from YouTube but going to start filming and posting again. The only thing I’ve really been doing is blogging. (My gift series is starting now!yay) Well, I guess I pretty much came on here to say hi and I’ll be more active here and YT again! Thanks to those of you who stuck around.
Adeudeudeuhh.. Hari senin 😌
As soon as we got to Honolulu, it was TIME FOR CHICKEN. We beelined for Koala Moa for huli chicken. Was good, and a perfect stop for lunch! We checked into our hotel and it was a little late in the day, so we decided to eat dinner straight after. I convinced my parents to take me to the ****iconic**** Marugame Udon (mom voice: udon again?) and we waited in a crazy line for really good udon. We also stopped by NIsshodo! We tried a couple mochi, but my favourite was the wonderful, large, egg-shaped uguisu mochi (red bean filling dusted in kinako). They also had coconut mochi and kinako dango, which I wish I tried. Otherwise, this photo is from the iconic™ Leonard’s Bakery. We picked up some freshly fried malasadas. This is the haupia one, which is to DIE for. I can’t even describe how good it was. Also on our food tour - Liliha Bakery had the cutest iced sugar cookies (my downfall!) and also, taro doughnuts! They had crousti, apple malasadas, azuki malasadas, /haupia/ malasadas, but they’re most known for their coco/cream puffs with custard cream! Even though it looks normal, I think their taro doughnuts were the best.
when the party’s over 🎈