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— ⎡ Promo for /opw.ent ⎦ ⎡ January 19 2018 ⎦ ⎡ In Ring Promo ⎦ ⎡ Part 3/3⎦ — The push that makes Nikki cheat. The only thing that can win Nikki matches. See Nikki, you’re on your own. You’re going face to face with a queen. Not only a queen, THE queen. Nikki, sweetie, if you’re so fearless, try and knock off my crown, I dare you. Maybe I’ll bite you like love bites AJ. Speaking of AJ, has anyone seen her around? I’m afraid she’s too short for my eye range. I feel like for my big boot kick won’t need to be that impressive. Even though it always is. AJ is at my waist. Therefore, can someone remind me how high I need I need to pick up my leg? Two inches? Three? I honestly don’t know. I’m kind of stuck. Almost as stuck as Taynara is going to be after this. Not to go off on her, not yet. AJ, she’s special, right? Or in your guys’ words she’s “crazy,” correct? Doesn’t she say “crazy is my superpower”? Like seriously, she’s crazily stupid. AJ, your only superpower will be failing. Falling everybody and everything. Failing to look me in the eyes. Literally and physically. You might, just maybe, be able to somewhat get me in the Black widow. If you do, it won’t be pretty. I’ll make you pay. Now, back onto Taynara. Do I need to introduce her to you? Yes, because she’s that irrelevant? Okay. She’s the Cruiserweight Champ somehow. She thinks she can out do the queen. Key word there, “thinks.” She can’t do anything. I don’t even understand how she qualifies for this match besides the fact she has that stupid championship around her waist. But me, I’ll have even better gold after the match. I’ll have a better Championship. I’ll represent all of the women’s division and I’ll do it with Flair. Everyone else can bow down to the queen because she’s taking the gold. Eliminating woman after woman. You’re looking your next Champ right in the eye.”
— ⎡ Promo for /opw.ent ⎦ ⎡ January 19 2018 ⎦ ⎡ In Ring Promo ⎦ ⎡ Part 2/3⎦ — Spoiler alert, they’ll get tired of you eventually. They’ll get tired that their favorite wrestler keeps getting worse. Not to mention you have no talent. Just like Liv Morgan. Speaking of Liv, you know the girl all the fanboys go crazy over? Like seriously, have you seen her comment sections? Scary sometimes. Just like her wrestling skills. Remember when she use to carry pizza out to the ring? When she had the cringest gimmick? Yeah I do too. Those were some bad times. For her at least. Now, she’s over here with some new makeup and some stuff in her hair. She looks pretty stupid in it in my opinion, but what’s new? She’s, always been a joke. Liv has always had that “next big thing spark,” but no. Not as long as I’m going to be around. I’ll make sure that little “spark” isn’t going to be found in Liv. Let alone could Liv ever beat me if she did find it. That “spark” Liv, isn’t even the ticket you need to beat me. Yeah, you might be able to beat Tessa. That’s it. But Tessa Blanchard? Her “sass” is just as irrelevant as her. She can go on about how she’ll win, but it’s all false in the end. As simple as I say it, it’s true. Someone like Tessa doesn’t fit in with group the I, the queen, fit in. Tessa simply can’t handle it. She can’t handle that pressure. She can’t handle the spotlight. However, she’s craving the spotlight. She thinks she wants it, but in reality she’s useless. She thinks she deserves it, but really, she does nothing around here. She can’t do anything around here. Just like Nikki. Except, Nikki can hop onto other people and make her career off of them. Huh, just like AJ Lee. Nikki however, calls herself “fearless.” I know what you’re thinking, “how can someone be fearless when they’re in the ring with the queen herself?” Because honestly, I thought the same exact thing. Actually, can anyone name a time Nikki has been fearless? Because I honestly don’t remember if she ever even was. I feel like almost every time I saw her wrestle in a ring her sister, Brie Bella, was always there giving her that extra push she needs. The push that wins her the match. -next post-
— ⎡ Promo for /opw.ent ⎦ ⎡ January 19 2018 ⎦ ⎡ In Ring Promo ⎦ ⎡ Part 1/3⎦ — Charlotte Flair has recently got announced that she had been drafted to Raw. While she was drafted the vacant Raw Women’s Championship went vacant. However, the queen got put into a match. A match she’ll love. She’s facing Sasha Banks, Bayley, Liv Morgan, Taynara Conti, Tessa Blanchard, Nikki Bella and AJ Lee for the Raw Women’s Championship in an eight woman battle royal. Charlotte however, she knew what she knows what to do. She also had some words to say about all her opponents. “Let’s start with my favorite person of the all, Sasha Banks. The legit boss. A boss? A boss can’t compare to queen, not even Charlotte Flair. Sasha can to put me in the “bank statement” but no statements will be made. I’ll be the one making the statement. How? You might ask, is simple. Seriously, Sasha Banks? It’s a simple breeze. Last time I checked, I’ve never faced Sasha here at Opw. Sasha won’t know what’s coming for her. She simply can’t just come here over and over again giving her best effort. When she’s in the ring with the queen, Charlotte Flair she has to put her all. I don’t play any games. I do whatever I need to do whenever I want. Sasha will know the name Charlotte Flair. She’ll know why Charlotte isn’t a deal to mess with. Sasha will understand that I’m the Queen. If she thinks for a second she’ll beat me, she’ll get proven wrong. Now, the “hugger” Bayley. Bayley, ever heard the term “nice girls always finish last?” I’m afraid that you’re a nice girl. I’m also afraid you will get eliminated. Fast. There’s a simple reason for that also, hugging. Do you really think just running around here just hugging people as if we’re at a family reunion getting ready to leave? No, Bayley, life is much simpler than that. The “nice” girl is going to get walked over. If the queen has to put a red carpet over you while she does it, I will. This Bayley, this isn’t a joke. It’s not all fun and games anymore. That championship, it’s mine. So, don’t even think for a single second “I’m going to win! Just for every single one of those little girls out there watching me and looking up to me!” -Next post-
This was an amazing hike up to the top of Cathedral Rock, it really tested Simba's abilities but everyone there thought he was a star for getting through the steep climb. It's a bittersweet feeling to leave such a surreal place. There's so much more to do here but the weather and my heart both want me to head to California. I definitely did not take my time here for granted. I've got tons of video to edit and share with you all. I'm so grateful for all the people I've met that have helped me out and I'm incredibly happy I got to see all these beautiful views out here. I'm heading to Quartzsite, AZ tomorrow for a day before heading into California. Sending good vibes throughout the universe tonight. ✌ out! #nature #mountains #sedonaaz #hiking #hippie #nomad #hikingadventures #dogsofinstagram #huskiesofinstagram #siberianhusky #view #cathedralrock #adventure #vanlife #jeeplife #jeep #picoftheday #clipoftheday #drone #djispark #happiness #travel #vegan #vegansofinstagram #believe #love #InstaTags4Likes #instagood #filmphotography
️زندگی مثل نقاشی کردن است خطوط را با امید بکش اشتباهات را باآرامش پاک کن قلم مو را در صبر غوطه ور کن و با عشق رنگ بزن تا تهش باهاتیم 💪💪💪 @rahim.zehevi10