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You know what sucks? Crippling depression, PMS, and high functioning anxiety. You know what doesn’t suck? Nettle leaf tea and the freedom of walking around my own apartment in my favorite blue underwear remembering that I don’t have to listen what my depression voice is telling me. 🌸🍵💙I am worthy of love. I deserve love. Even when I feel completely and utterly misunderstood and alone, people love and care about me. My depression can fuck right off with those lies. #ithurts #until #it #doesnt #impermanence #liveinthemoment #breathe #enjoythelittlethings #tellyourfriends #youlovethem #tellyourselftoo 💕
One more before I call it a night. Thank you to everyone who has followed me. Please tell all your friends who like to read about this account so we can have more people talk about books! Anyways, IT was a mediocre movie, but a pretty solid book. It is over 1000 pages long and there is one incredibly messed up scene in it. Definitely a long read... #books #it #stephenking