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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Mahatma Gandhi Success!!! The end of the game!! Whaoo... 73 days! Congratulation guys who did it with me! Thank you everybody who helped me! This is just the beginning... #fuckinokayday #fuckinokaychallange #playthegame 73. nap Reggeli: zab feherjevel, mandulaval, napraforgomaggal, tokmaggal, kokuszreszelekkel, chia maggal, multivitamin, c vitamin, omega 3, kalcium pezsgotabletta Ebed: fuszeres csikemell falatok lilahagymas rizzsel Boulder kozben 6dl bcaa Uzsonna: feherje shake, finn crisp, sonka, light mozzarella, potty piros arany, paradicsom, keves eros paprika, ujhagyma, magnezium pezsgotabletta Vacsora: cottage cheese Osszesen kb. 3 liter viz #bodytransformation #training #sport #workout #enjoyworkout #unstoppable #obsession #fun #keepmoving #lifestyle #health #life #body #passion #itsnotadietitsalifestyle #motivation #kihívás #edzés #diéta #dog #kutya #helathylifestyle #lovesport #win #challange
Consistency, Consistency, Consistency is the major key to all success!!
Todo en la vida funciona en Ciclos, Etapas o Procesos. Las estaciones del año, ciclo de la vida, las cosechas, etc. Planeación-Trabajo Duro-Descanso, cuando se rompe este equilibrio es cuando las cosas se complican y llegan momentos donde te sientes que no avanzas, pregúntate que parte del proceso estás ignorando, descúbrelo y recupera el equilibro para seguir avanzando. Modelo: Nico 🐈 #motivation #inspire #workhard #inspiration #cat #live #life #enjoy #procesos #ciclos #keepmoving
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All progress takes place outside the comfort zone
PREGNANCY EXERCISE OF THE WEEK First thing first, Squats During Pregnancy If you haven’t already, make your Squats your best friend during Pregnancy. I’m demonstrating Squats with a little Spine&Shoulder mobility addition. This is one of the essential exercises for Prenatal and it has countless benefits for Pregnant Mums. Strengthening your abdomen, pelvic floor, protecting you from low back pain during pregnancy and labor, helping with mobility, helping for an easier delivery are just a few benefits to mention. ✔️Try to get yourself a Stability Ball as you can do so many Pregnancy exercises with it. ✔️Watch the video carefully. 2nd part, experienced mum does completely different things!!! I’ll try to share different versions of the same exercise: 1. Beginner Mum: Pregnant but haven’t exercised before getting pregnant, not much experience. Take this version if you are new to exercise. 2. Exercise-experienced Mum: Well trained at least 2-3 years before getting pregnant. Take this version if you have done those exercises many times before Pregnancy. I’m #17weekspregnant 🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰 HAFTANIN HAMİLE PİLATES EGZERSİZİ Squat ile başlayalım. Halen yapmadıysanız, Squat ı Hamilelik süresince en iyi arkadaşınız yapmaya çalışın. Videoda Omurga ve Omuz mobilitesi ile Squat gösterilmiştir. Squat, Hamilelik sırasında en temel egzersizlerden biridir ve hamile anneler için sayısız faydaları vardır. Sizi hamilelik ve doğum sırasında bel ağrısından korumak, karın ve pelvik taban kaslarınızı güçlendirmek, doğumu kolaylaştırmak faydalarından bazılarıdır. ✔️Hamilelik sırasında Büyük Top edinirseniz iyi olur, bununla pek çok egzersiz yapabilirsiniz.... ✔️Videoyu dikkatle izleyin. Deneyimli anne 2. Yarida tamamen farkli şeyler yapiyor. Böyle farklı seviyeler paylaşmaya çalışacağım: 1. Başlangıç seviyesi Anne: Hamile kalmadan hiç egzersiz yapmamış anne, deneyiminiz azsa bu versiyonu seçin. 2. Egzersiz Deneyimli Anne: Hamile kalmadan en az 2-3 yıl öncesinden başlayarak pek çok kez bu egzersizleri yapmış. 17 Haftalık Hamileyim. #hilalleighpilates #keepmoving #pregnancystyle
Day Four: Today we challenge you to be #bepresent🎁 in Roll Over. This Pilates exercise is great for challenging abdominal strength, while also serving to lengthen the entire posterior chain. Because it hits so many muscle groups it's one of the exercises that I use regularly to check in and develop presence. — Give It A Try: Lie down on your back with your arms by your side and your legs long in front of you. Inhale. Exhale, press through arms and roll your legs over your head, trying to get your toes to the Mat behind you. Flex from the ankle and separate your legs, Mat wide. Articulate the spine as you roll back to the Mat {with control}. Bring your legs together at the bottom, point the toes, and repeat. After three reps, reverse the opening and closing of the legs. — 🎁 Be Present: Let go. Often when we feel anxiety or depression creep into our lives it's because we're holding on. To thoughts, feelings, and/or expectations. Take a moment to be present. You'll notice a lot of the weight that you're carrying isn't even your own. Recognize it, and then let go of it. — 🎁 Winner: Congratulations to @krystynaosunshine for winning todays challenge. You're being awarded for your presence, your perseverance, and your dedication to giving back. I've added a complimentary Pilates Equipment class to your account 💛. — Twelve Days of Presence // Contest Rules 1️⃣ MUST follow both @tulivesiyoga and @birdonaperch 2️⃣ MUST like this photo — 🎁 AND, PICK ONE 🎁 — 3️⃣ Practice playing with the pose and post your variation or something that gets you present {posts are due by 8pm the following day} 4️⃣ Attend a class at either studio that day and comment under this pic how you are practicing presence today. — Be sure to tag both @tulivesiyoga and @birdonaperch, using the hashtag #bepresent🎁 {include present emoji}. Be on the lookout for the Yoga variation of this pose from @tulivesiyoga. They will also announce today’s winner and the next pose at 9PM tomorrow. #pilatesandyoga #bettertogether #twelvedaysofpresence #holidayspirit