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First of all I wanted to thank you for all your love, your comments and to follow me every day. I am so proud to work for you to appreciate my job me , I am not Shay unfortunately but she knows how lucky she is to have everyone all follow her every day. I'm a fan of her since her first days on a television.I never had the chance to meet but I hope with all my heart to do. Thanks to Shay for making us share our ideas, our photos, our montages and especially the good time we are talking about, and we share an idol together I love you Shay, but I love you people follow me every day. thank you to all of you💕💕💕 #shaymitchell #shaycation #prettylittleliars #actress #beautiful #myworld #myqueen #myloveofmylife ❤️ @shaymitchell @shaymitchell