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С добрым утром, любимый город! Всем крепкого здоровья, солнечного настроения и хороших выходных!
Today I had an anterior hip replacement client. Her surgeon recommended massages and it was her first visit .She inspired me to say something about. Hip replacement is recomended when the hip ball socket joint is damage by arthritis or other reason and needs to be replaced for a metal one. See pics to understand. There are two surgical approachs for hip replacement : posterior and anterior. The incision to posterior is on the gluteus , approximately 10 inches and the Gluteus Maximus and more 5 muscles are cut to acess the head of femur. The anterior approach, the incision is. smaller, approximately 5 inches on the front (lateral) of tight and Rectus Femoris and Tensor Fascia Latae are retracted. I think that the anterior approach is less agressive and heal faster, but this is my opinion as massage therapist and my clients stories. After surgery the patient will need Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy to his rehabilitation The Massage Therapist goal is: * decrease and eliminate pain * decrease thightness * improve ROM * decrease swelling * assist with stretches Also scar massage is very efficient, helping to improve ROM. Some surgeon recommend massages in hospital setting; others when patient is home. My recommendation is to start massage treatment, as early as possible. hipreplacement #orthopedicdoctor #surgeons #posteriorandanterior #approachs #massagetherapy #physicaltherapy #exercises #massages .
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Don't forget to take care of yourself during the Holidays! All the festivities can leave us feeling sore, achy, tired and stressed out. Book a recovery session with me in January.
Massage Day IS my favorite day of the week! Even though it happens every other week, I still get super excited when it's my day to get a massage. I get told a lot how 'lucky' I am to have a regular massage. I usually smile and think "All I did was call my therapist and schedule a session." My usual treatment is a 90 minute session. You may wonder why? Because, it keeps my body up and running so I can provide YOU with the most awesome massage I can. And, massage is also a huge part of my healthcare/self care regimen. On a normal schedule I will see and massage over 30 people in-between my massages! I think this is a great self justification to 'treat myself'. But seriously, treat yourself because Massage Therapy is not just a luxury. -Jes