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#stephenhawking passed away yesterday. It was remarkable he lived with #ALS as long as 76. I recall hearing him say, in a talk about God & the universe that he (back in early 80s) believed there must be a God to have created such a universe... as he got older, he started to think that he could prove how God thought-therefore understanding Him. When he couldn't prove nor disprove the existence of God, he became a doubter, he ended a statement in his revised book stating "it bothered him". Science greatest mind couldn't prove NOR disprove the existence of our Creator. Tried as he might (see below) ...... For Hawking, the search was almost a religious quest — he said finding a "theory of everything" would allow mankind to "know the mind of God." "A complete, consistent unified theory is only the first step: our goal is a complete understanding of the events around us, and of our own existence," he wrote in "A Brief History of Time." In later years, though, he suggested a unified theory might not exist. He followed up "A Brief History of Time" in 2001 with the more accessible sequel "The Universe in a Nutshell," updating readers on concepts like super gravity, naked singularities and the possibility of an 11-dimensional universe. Hawking said belief in a God who intervenes in the universe "to make sure the good guys win or get rewarded in the next life" was wishful thinking. "But one can't help asking the question: Why does the universe exist?" he said in 1991. "I don't know an operational way to give the question or the answer, if there is one, a meaning. But it bothers me." IT BOTHERED HIM! Hawkins sought to prove there was no God by his own personal standards or beliefs-he couldn't do it. This is the epitome of what #faith is. You believe or you don't. But even Hawkins couldn't find the answer. Personally, I believe! #godisreal #ourcreator #jesus #havefaith #hope #allglorytogod #helivesinme
Chemical World 🗺 __ The big drug companies don’t want to market anything for which they can’t get a patent. ___ The U.S office describes a patentable item as one that is new, unique, not in existence, prior to being created by the inventor and performs a useful purpose. (So... therefore something that exist in 🌱, 🦒, 🌏 or 💨 is not patentable) ___ For example, #SalicylicAcid which is found in the bark of poplar and willow trees 🌲, is commonly known as #Aspirin. It could not be patented when it was discovered. All vitamins and minerals exist in a 🌿, 🦓, and, of course, can’t be patent. __ The reason is that other companies could also make the product and ensuing competition would cause price 💴 and profit 💰 margin to be very Low. Which means all patent protected drugs are essentially “ #DesignerChemical “, NOT a Natural Substance. _ And therefore long story short... A low profit margin from natural medicine is the reason The Drug Companies ( #BigPharma) don’t want you or your #Doctor to know about those medicines. __ 📺 Don’t Watch Me, WatchTv 📺 __ #cancer #cure #truth #knowledge #wisdom #philosophy #science #astronomy #sacredgeometry #Zen #peace #love #universe #Gratitude #Namaste #meditation #meditate #happy #happiness #evolve #wakeup #freeyourmind #higherconsciousness #PinealGland #enlightment #fearless #WeAreOne #OneLove #revolution #nature #OurCreator #Yahuah
Beautiful... There is a Bird There are two Feathers One for you to cover your mouth One for me to cover my ears Or maybe visa versa For the Feathers protect For the Feathers guide What is heard and what is said For are we sure For are we Happy or Sad The moments of #life The moments of truth Let me not mind But be mindful Of the reasons of reason Let’s use the Feathers In Front of the #Universe #OurCreator To Fly to #Love For is the only way To Be d Two Feathers guide With #grace By Tina Bernard Carpenter #MyPoem
Raising daughters, future mothers❤️ so proud to be theirs💕💕 A godly woman is the most beautiful woman you can be💖✨ Truth, Strength, Grace, Love, Joy comes from Him. Our Source. That is the best gift I can give and live with my life all my days🌸✨ because no matter how hard this life gets, we have Hope of #eternity #seekHim #ourCreator #internationalwomensday2018