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"i'm not who i was one year ago and maybe, just this once, change is good" 2017 taught me the lessons. 2018 they are getting applied. 🌻 #phoenix #phoenixrising #growth
One of my major inspirations is @alliwebb of @thedrybar . She dared to imagine a different salon experience. She had a sense that women tight on time would show up and pay for something they could do on their own, but didn't want to. This is EXACTLY what inspired the GLOW Studio. You could meditate, journal and slow down on your own, but will you? Wouldn't you rather have some guiding you and a beautiful stress free place to do it? There are plenty of weekend and weeklong retreats that are amazing, but do you have the time? The funds? GLOW is a space where you can care for yourself and do all the things you crave in a drop-in, affordable way. Much like Alli's clients still visit a salon for the full shebang, I know my clients will still (hopefully) treat themselves to more immersive experiences. But for the everyday, there's GLOW. ✨ #girlboss #selfcare #phoenix