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Life is not about success. It is about pushing forward. It is about not giving up. It is about showing up. It is about failing a million times And standing up a million and one time. Join the SUPERHERO MUM MOVEMENT 👇 Go to and download your FREE booklet on motherhood, fitness and nutrition. Audio available here Start your transformation today and be ready for greatness 🤘💅👄💪 #weightloss #motherhood #fitness #fatloss #homeworkout #ironfit #postpartum #postnatal #motivation #transformation #fitmum #fitmom #tbt #fitness #diet #abs #mum #weightloss #hiit #weightlifting #noexcuse #sanity #lifestyle #superheromum #iamawoman #booty #smartchoices #training
Part 3/3 Yoga for Low Back Pain: ICYMI: Friday I woke up with acute back pain. I couldn’t lift my baby in and out of the car and I was groaning and moaning all over the place. Part 3 of my Low Back Routine is a sped-up version of my flow: lots of warmth and work for the glutes and legs, to help to take some of the load off the low back and spine, and side-body stretching to lengthen the quadratus lumborum muscles on either side of the lower spine. & Still 0️⃣ back pain! 👌🏼But I do need to recommit to doing this kind of work more often. * * * * * * #backpain #backpainflow #core #coreexercises  #corework  #familyyoga #lowerbackpain  #momandbabygirl #momandbabyyoga #yoga  #igyoga  #instayoga  #lmt #mindfulstrength #postpartum  #postpartumcore #postpartumjourney  #rmt  #therapeuticyoga #yogaflow #yogisofinstagram  #yogagirl  #yogini  #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney  #yogaforlife  #yogamedicine #yogamomma #yogamom #yoga
The fact, that I’m posting this on a Sunday night, shows that moms got no weekend. It’s just like any other day... except daddy is here now to help. Which is good, cause right now we have a very needy baby and days and nights are exhausting. 😵 😵 😵 #babylife #weightlossjourney #punoftheday #quotesoftheday #hahahaha #momstrong #momandbaby #likemotherlikedaugther #family #postpregnancy #momswholift #lovetolift #womenthatlift #sarcasm #workout #weightlifting #polishgirl #legday #breastfeeding #winterlife #postpartum #powerbuilding #pregnancy #fitmum #memer #postpartumjourney #postpartumweightloss #momboss #momlife #postpartumbody
Its a big deal for me to be able to love myself and accept the fact that my body will never be the same again after having a baby. it took a while but I am happy with my progress even if it’s slower than others and it’s not as consistent 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m still a badass, hard working momma who is TRYING. 41 weeks pregnant vs. 15 months postpartum , not perfect in any means but I’m happy with my progress so far🤰🏻🤱🏻👶🏻👧🏻💕🙃💪🏼
I’ve been quiet on here. Not much is happening. I have had my shake and pretty much cleaning up and binge watching!
This is about how shopping trips go every time 😂 how quickly we can go from making silly faces to having a meltdown over “sauce”. That’s what he calls applesauce. Haha. When I start making out my meal plan for the week, I always plug in my “staple foods” first. Like my pancakes, protein shake that I drink with my coffee, and whatever kind of bar I’m having for a snack that week. Once all of that stuff is in, I usually pick a meat and a vegetable (I don’t usually count seasonings, I just try not to go overboard with sauces). Then I look under the nutrition tab on @myfitnesspal and see what I need to add or take away. If I need more carbs I may add rice or potatoes..if I need more fats I might add a little cheese or sour cream. I just work the puzzle until it’s close to my numbers I’m shooting for and then I head to the grocery store. Although some weeks I feel like I spend a lot on protein sources, I shudder to think how much I used to spend eating take out for every meal. 😖
Holy crap!! Yes the lighting is horrible...the angle is off.... it was maybe 4.2 seconds hold and it’s not as “insta-ready” as other photos..... buuuut look what @jordanncurtis captured from my yoga flow this morning!!! @chelsiecudd this should be your next attempt 😂👏🏻 * * * * #yogaeverydamnday #yogafit #yogamom #fitmom #yogastrong #bodyafterbaby #aesthetics #bbg #yogapants #dailyyoga #bodybuilding #getfit #photooftheday #mindovermatter #fitfam #fitness #momswithmuscles #postpartum #mombod #motivation #bodytransformation #cleaneating #healthyliving #boymom #paleo #athlesure #activefamily #instahealth #PNW #trainlikeanangel
Oh how I love you, @bohoblu ❤ I bought this dress half off for $20 and I know it'll get a lot of love this year! Everything they make is so cute, and I love their little shop in downtown Greensboro. This dress is so flattering -- whether you are pregnant, post partum, or just not quite in your summer bod yet (definitely me). I made it church friendly by throwing a cardigan over it. 😇 Plus it's nursing friendly!. . . . #preppystyle #preppy #Greensboro #northcarolina #thrifty #frugal #frugalmom #nursingfriendly #nursingmom #breastfeedingmama #breastfeeding #summer #ootd #ootdshare #buylocal #local #spring #postpartum
Bc at the end of the day, the long days, short days, weird, happy, horrible days, your the one that will deal with the result of that day. You are the one that will either make it or break it. Your the one that will buckle or climb. Fear it or be brave and take it, love or hate, chill or worry, you are the one that has every damn bit of control of it all!! Adding more worry bc your over thinking or worrying about something you shouldn’t be worrying about.? Stressing bc you don’t want to be worrying about what your worrying about so your worrying about worrying about pointless shit in the first place. This was me this entire last week!! A worrying freaking mess! Bodhis surgery really took a toll on me and it was hard. But because I let me be the victim of something I had no control over and failed to change my mind set like I’m typically able to do, just like that within a hot minute, I let the stress run me. Causing every other little thing around me to be more stressful when it never usually would. Interfering with my sleep. Attitude then all the extra shit it caused added more stress. ALL BECAUSE I LET IT TAKE OVER ME!!! the one thing I always talk about intercepting and taking on. But sometimes it will set you back. Drop you and this is what makes us stronger. Bc each time is another lesson in life. Each time makes me dig deeper and rethink it all more then the last time, and each time adds another layer of strength to me and a lot more confidant . Bc confidence is built on the way back up. I took action to get my shit together and unplugged and got my shit together! Bc no more time I will allow me to be down and out. Our little boy is one hell of a warrior and he’s in the tough seat! He’s thriving and kicking ass, and mama needs to be doing the same. Some days we survive and some days we thrive. I’ve never wanted to just survive and will never settle for that! I want to continue to live and thrive like a boss even if just surviving is an option some days. But our family will live and thrive through another amazing journey together and come out stronger then ever!! Prayers this little boy is home soon🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️
Tomorrow begins my detailed fitness journey... again. Took a week off (on accident?). BUT I’ve still lost weight and am 10 pounds away from my healthiest weight ever! I’m wondering what people want to see on this page.. just fitness stuff or random day to day stuff? What keeps you motivated?
Those coffee mugs that just speak to you on a spiritual level... ☕️ Weekends are for messy buns, errands, groceries, cleaning, laundry, and getting ready for the upcoming week. They’re also for spending time on my business and making sure that my girls are ready to crush those goals and kill THEIR upcoming week as well. 😍🙌🏼 This past Thursday I gave myself a promotion. Yerp... I did that 😍 I didn’t have to wait for a certain time, or wait on my boss to give it to me. I worked hard and in turn, I advanced my business. This is why I absolutely love coaching... it provides me so much freedom and it fills my freakin cup! 🥛 Are you dreaming of those days where you’ll become your own boss??? I can help you get there 🙋🏻‍♀️💕 . . . #momboss #momlife #mompreneur #girlboss #bossbabe #love #bosslady #fitmom #girlmom #ladyboss #motherhood #sunday #sundayfunday #motivation #inspiration #momsofinstagram #lifestyle #healthy #happy #bossbabes #goals #blessed #healthyliving #baby #postpartum
Warmth! Short sleeves! Natural vitamin D! Best running buddy! Easy paced 4 miles! First time ever running 50(.04) miles in one week! Yay Sundays!
"I almost deleted my Instagram. A photo of me feeding Lilly was shared on @thebump and out of the 300+ comments, 200 of them were horrifying. I became the public whipping post to many degrading, humiliating and inhuman comments. It turned into a platform for online bullying. If you are not familiar with @thebump its a wide uplifting community with a wealth of information for: All things family. As such, predominately, a huge community of mothers. As I read the comments, I felt sick, shocked and embarrassed; snot running down my face, I found myself thinking that because I shared this photo, I somehow asked to be treated this way. That it was my fault these women spoke about me like this. I’m stunned at how there are so many people who believe that breastfeeding is only decent if under a cover, and if done any other way- just a sex act or for attention. I’m shocked that so many people believe Lilly will be ashamed to see these photos when she’s older-as if its a disgusting act. Like there’s an unwritten law that we may never photograph this fleeting time of ethereal beauty. And above all, I’m saddened that people truly think it is okay, to talk to ANYBODY, the way they so freely talked about me—In person, or behind a keyboard. While this is not a reflection of @thebump - it is a crystal lake reflection of how divided we as mothers have become when we continue to sexualize this normal and necessary act of survival. It was then that @ovlacekaj — fiancée, father of our child, and as it goes- my main breastfeeding photographer, asked me what I wanted to do about it. Then it hit me, like a snowball to the face: that this was NOT, in anyway, my fault. That by sharing a photo of me breastfeeding, I wasn’t asking for it. Its like saying that by wearing a short skirt, I’m giving you my consent to reach up and have a feel. And how utterly corrosive, this type of thinking is. Like a cancer. The solution? Simple. I choose to believe the solution is Participating in Normalizing breastfeeding. Whether it is supporting other moms and their different journeys with an open mind, or participating by holding my head up proud choosing to breastfeed" . #Repost @gypsynspice