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Om .. Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu .. Be here now .. Peace begins with me .. ................................................... Whether in Sanskrit or in English, whether complex or a simple one syllable, what mantra have you been using in your practice?
buonasera♡ oggi è stata una bellissima giornata. non avevo molti compiti e quindi sono andata da una mia amica a cazzeggiare. ++ HO INIZIATO A STANNARE LE RED VELVET E WAAA,LE AMO GIÀ. Conoscevo già Peek A Boo,ma non sapevo i nomi e non le riconoscevo e quindi ho iniziato a stannarle meglio. ho ancora un pó di difficoltà a riconoscere Yeri e Wendy,mentre Seulgi e Joy le riconosco benissimo,Irene così e così, rip.♡ #qotd seguite le Red Velvet? se si,chi è la vostra bias? #oatd penso che la mia bias possa essere Seulgi o Irene,idk u.u. byeee ilysm🍒❤✨ -c.♡
You're always trying, but who tries for you? You're always fighting, but who fights for you? I hate this idea of everything falling upon the shoulders of a woman. While she's in a relationship with a man who makes no effort. I hate this idea of a woman feeling alone while being in a relationship. • • • • • #quote #qotd #fashion #girl #girlpower #inspiration
Merry Xmas and a beautiful advent time!! 🎅🏻☃️🎄❤️ - December 14th 🤗 - Swipe to open the advent calendar! Daily a surprise!! - We hope you enjoy this idea!! - You may already know this video bc after i edited it i posted it into my story. The joke is that i made this video before the others i already posted and this one is the only one i like and I’m a bit proud of 😂😂 - #qotd What special thing/s happened this year in your life? #aotd There are so many different things that happened this year. Firstly i mad this account in March and met so many new people and I’m so glad i have this chance. Also i met a very special, beautiful, intelligent and funny person (who’s making me smile every time especially this morning 😉☺️) and im proud to call her my best friend! After that i finished school, i skipped a job apprentice and lost some friends. I started driving school and a new school and i finally turned 17 😁🤗 ok it’s enough now 😂 i guess you see my life changed a lot this year 😂❤️ if you read till here comment 😉 (just wanna know 😂) - Fc: 2111 - #merryxmas #adventcalendar #christmastime #video #surprise #greysurgeryedit #december14th #greycember
Something to get us through the rest of the week! #qotd
oh so true 🤦‍♀️ #qotd
So happy with my new hair color✨💫
[Holly Jolly Christmas] 🎄🎁❄️🎅 yay i finally posted! q: what’s your favorite winter drink? a: peppermint mocha
Radiate positivity and be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud 🌈☁️ image via @daisystreetcouk
“Guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher”⚾️