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Happy Thanksgiving. I am truly thankful for every student I have ever met. Some have become really close friends, others have remained mentees, yet still others can’t stand my guts - I have learned from all of you and for that I am so very thankful.✨ If you’re looking for a productive way to spend thanksgiving, that will help you towards finishing this semester off strong, check out my latest post at or click the 🔗 in bio, and don’t forget to pass the good will on 🤗. HAVE AN AMAZING THURSDAY and remember that YOU ARE someone’s reason to be thankfu! • • • #HappyThanksgiving #GiveALittle #SuccessTips #Thankful #Productive #Alert #Thursday #BlogAlert #Strong #Blogger #BlogPost #NewBlogPost #StudentLife #CollegeLife #Education #InstaBlog #DearStudent #College #Instadaily #Thanksgiving #Gratitude
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Week 4 of 10.. 10 week live body transformation.. to watch the full video click the link in my BIO!
On this #ThrowbackThursday we are #Thankful for all that Naim Suleymanoglu has done for the sport of weightlifting. Here’s a clip of his epic battle with Valerios Leonidas for the 1996 Olympic Gold. After setting a new world record in the clean and jerk, Valerios broke it, and Naim has to come back out to match the same weight! Naim took gold with a 335kg total. Rest easy, Champion! . . . . Our #ThrowbackThursday will be paying homage to the great talent that has come before us and shaped the sport of weightlifting! Stay tuned and follow for big lifts and epic moments in weightlifting history! YT: Olympic @athleteps ✔️ @roguefitness 🇺🇸 @onutritionals 💪
#ALEXIACLARK W e e k 2: Workout 5 Final @alexia_clark workout of the week and final workout in Fiji complete 😔 My favourite exercise for today’s workout was the Single Arm Snatch and the most challenging exercise for me was the Oblique Toe Taps On Medicine Ball. Going to miss doing my workout in a gym (it’s definitely easier to get through the workout without a toddler running around)
HTG from EDK! Thankful today and every day for the love and support from everyone! Cheers 💛
C’est le grand départ de votre Coach Martin demain pour la finale des we are Unity League ! Tous les aigles te souhaite Bonne chance🥇 Porte haut les couleurs de CrossFit 2607 ! Va y champion on croit en toi 💪🏋️