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#selflovesunday Cheeky chocolate vegan protein shake for me and Archie this morning plus my whole food capsules before I get my day started ✨💃🏽 These babies hold concentrated nutrients that are absorbed directly into my bloodstream with 3-5 mins, every single morning! If I had to pick one reason why I would not stop taking these babies, it would be the self love I have gained from treating my body as it deserves, not occasionally but every single day. ❤️ #workout #health #balanceddiet #diet #goodfood #fit #healthy #greens #cleanandlean #fooddiary #delicious #nutritious #fitness #nutrition #vitmains #progress #protein #weightloss #weightlossjourney #workout #health #balanceddiet #diet #goodfood #fit #healthy #greens #cleanandlean #fooddiary #plantprotein #plantpower #cleanfood #eatclean #eathealthy #strongnotskinny #cleaneating #healthylifestyle
O B S E S S E D 🥑 is an understatement 😝 if you haven’t realised by now, I quite like avocado 🙈 on my toast, mixed in my pastas and salads, in my juices, smoothies and sometimes as a whole 🙌🏻 avo has so many health benefits which makes them even better to include in your diet ☺️👇🏼 They contain more potassium than bananas ( a nutrient many people don’t get enough of ), loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, full of fiber, contain lots of powerful antioxidants to protect the eye anddd many more 👀 obviously they taste delicious too! It’s said that those who eat avocado tend to be healthier, so if you don’t or can’t stand the taste or texture, chuck some into your smoothies and enjoy the nutritional goodness 😝
Obsessed with Indonesian fruit 🍈 🥥🍍 Pic one ~ Mangosteen ~ contains manganese and magnesium, as well as xanthones, a powerful antioxidant which is found almost exclusively to the fruit. This has properties which can fight fatigue, skin disorders, pain, allergies and many intestinal problems. They’re also the most delicious fruit ever. Pic two ~ Indonesian passion fruit or Markisa ~ contains vitamins A and B and plenty of carotenes for healthy skin and mucus function. Pic three ~ snake fruit and (unfortunately plastic-wrapped) dragon fruit ~ snake fruit 🐍 is called the memory fruit in Indonesia because of its high levels of potassium. It also contains vitamin C, calcium, iron and thiamine and has anti-diarrheal properties (for Bali belly 😜). Lastly, dragon fruit 🐉 is also high in vitamin C and also contains good (polyunsaturated) fats, B vitamins and proteins. All delicious and nutritious. 😊 Go to Bali! 🌞 . . .
New target reached and just in time for my girls hen next week 😬😊 Loving the gym and all the classes I've been to recently and loving my little healthy lifestyle I have going on... Gonna have a lots of prosecco and treats next week but I deserve it and feel good 😬💪 I'm looking forward to reaching more targets when I'm back... 😬💪💚 #herbalife #herbalgirl #weightloss #feelgood #hittargets #healthierlifestyle #lovemylifestyle #healthy #healthyme #nutrition #exercise #fitness #gym #workout #fitmum #herbalife #healthybreakfast #nutritionbreakfast #nutritionmeals #vitmains #minerals #water #love #thermotea #fatburning #greenteaextracts #revitilize #energy
Need helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels? @nutralifeau Kyolic® Aged Garlic Extract may assist in the maintenance of healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels in healthy individuals. It can also be taken to support overall cardiovascular health, to support immunity and as an antioxidant. 📸 : @swiishbysallyo
It’s the simple things in life that make me happy! Loving my 💅+ hsn vitamins that make them grow like crazy!!
Who else feels withdrawal symptoms when they don’t eat fruit for a day (or two!). It’s amazing how much my body craves fruit- it just starts telling me I must have some! I do love fruit! 🍇 🍉 🍓🍒🍌🍑🍏🍎🥒🥝🍐🍊
BE GOOD TO YOUR TEMPLE! 😍❤🍏🥝🍇 . . . You treat the outside of your core to the finer things in life so don't exclude the inside of your temple. @humnutrition supplements like B12 Turbo help give me an energy boost and my Base Control makes sure I have all the essentials vitamins I need. As a vegetarian my diet is sometimes lacking in B vitamins but there is no need for me to worry as long as I take my supplements. Are you lacking??? . . REFERRAL CODE to save $10 is 14048B . .  If your interested in their line of mainly #vegetarian #vegan products and decide to give it a go use referral code 14048B to get $10 off. They also have $10 off when you take their quiz PLUS 25% off your order of 3+ items PLUS free shipping. All the above can be used together! . .   #startwithin # #supplements #feelbetteraboutyourself #health #healthy #doitforyourself #abetter2018 #lovethyself #vitmains #minerals #temple #core #feedyourbrain #donthesitatestarttoday #bringonthegoodstuff #mybodymytemple #brainfood #revealme #yes #yestotomatoes #cleansingwater #water #micellarcleansingwater
IM SICK! Hey, everyone, I did a poll on my insta-story earlier today asking if you would like to know some of my favourite foods, supplements and herbs I use to help rid myself of a cold or sickness. In the photo above are SOME of my top choices and I will go into a brief explanation of each below: LEMON: excellent source of VIT C (the juice of 1 medium lemon = 30mg of vitamin c) That’s 75% of your recommended nutrient intake, balances your bodies pH. MegaFood Daily C-Protect: contains 250mg of vitamin C with organic whole orange, Immune-balancing blend of Astragalus root and Schisandra berry (immune-supportive properties). VITAMIN D3: upregulation of antimicrobial peptides, to enhance clearance of bacteria at various barrier sites and immune cells, immune modulation, protection against the development of autoimmune diseases, and serves as protection against viral or bacterial upper respiratory infections. ZINC: serves a vital role in many immune system reactions, promotes the destruction of foreign particles and microorganisms, zinc acts as a protectant against free radical damage, also inhibits the growth of several viruses including the common cold. Herbion: White willow (anti-inflammatory), Malabar nut (natural cough suppressant, calms irritating, dry cough) Licorice (mucus protection), Tea (rich in antioxidants), Valerian (treats a dry cough), Sweet fennel, Indian gooseberry (antioxidant, and anti-viral properties) GINGER: helps settle the stomach, alleviates nausea, increases circulation (help rid yourself of virus or infection) GARLIC: anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, garlic supports the development of natural bacterial flora whilst killing pathogenic organisms. PROBIOTICS: improves immunity, produces its own antibiotics, helps synthesis of B vitamins in food digestions (this, improving energy and stamina when sick), inhibits the growth of the coliform bacteria and possibly more pathogenic colon bacteria, 70-80% of your immune system is in your gut so healthy gut = healthy immunity. I have to build some hype and leave the rest for on my blog...