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Right away I knew tin-roofed alley mouth was gonna have a rather clever reason for being here...I just had a hard time truffteen this dental experiment if you will:) #graffitiart #yahtzee #wowzee
Played Dice Throne last night to celebrate the end of tax season. It is a rare event but I won a board game. The game is a themed Yahtzee and it was fun. I upgraded my Character to make my attacks and defenses more reactive. In a game where others Yahtzeeed twice (all 6s) giving great bonuses. I was able to stay alive althoug being poisened by the crafty thief, entangled by the dark elf and concussed by the angry Barbarian. The thoughtful Monk left me alone on my way to victory. I cant think of a better use of a Tuesday night. #boardgames #boardgamenight #yahtzee #dicethrone