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Quinn met Chewbacca today and gave him a Wookiee sized hug.
Looking for something simple and elegant for that sensitive earred babe on your shopping list? These 14k rose gold studs are perfect for sensitive ears and will be available at the last day of @marketcollective tomorrow. (Range from $95-125). There’s lots of other earring options, all nickel free, ranging from $25-65. ✨ On a personal note, if you’ve been down, you may have noticed I am not there (but my stuff is) and I have awesome helpers working for me because I am currently stuck in Chateau Foothills dealing with chronic health issues (I’ve done posts further back about it - look for cat outfits ha) . Thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to be vending at @marketcollective this weekend. It’s made my heart full to see so many beautiful people pull together to help me out during this hard time, so give them a high five for me if you see them. 😘 Lots of love to @saltwaterteajewelry @ochrelea @illoleather @heatherbuchanan @miz_ida @ghostdads. Heart all mushy and full. Also if you are waiting for an email from me, I’m finally feeling good enough to look at such things, so expect a response by Monday. 😘 I haven’t forgotten about any of your jewels.