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My son told me I look like somebody's Kid. (He did NOT mean it as a compliment) His younger brother told me I look like a "tall sister", not a Mom . . . Well, Mr. Morgan Freeman, you look like somebody's Dad! I'm totally cool with roll reversal. You'll find all the bills on the "my desk" corner of the dinning room table, and there's a load in the dryer waiting to be folded😉 . . . OMSheesh, let me Live! I don't have to wear mom jeans and cardigans to take care of my kids. My oversized boyfriend jeans have never hurt a single soul and they've never gotten in the way of being his personal Uber. That is until he insulted his driver, got a 1 ⭐️ review, and got demoted to a bus pass 😜 . . . #kids #teenagers #parenting #adulting #actyourage #idonthaveto #dontcare #sothere #mom #messifulmama #mama #messiful #momlife #wearwhatyoulove #wearwhatyouwant #comfortable #momjeans #boyfriendjeans #fall #momlife #killingit #winning #style #momstyle #momblogger #funnymom #morganfreeman
Is this true? . RP @memezar . . . All information and content on @mdcosmeticinjections is for information purposes only and does not constitute as medical advice. All patient photos have been used with consent. Individual results may vary. All medical procedures involve risks.
FINALLY went out for the first time ALONE today.... but PSA: When you see a dog in a public place where pets aren’t allowed, that is CLEARLY labeled a service dog in training... how about you NOT crawl right up the handlers ass with said dog and almost run the team over with your explicit rudeness. 🤬 I hate people... And I may never leave my house again 😭 ...On the plus side, I actually stood up for myself for the first time EVER and told the idiot to back off- she was quite embarrassed and said “oh I was just trying to look at these shirts” 🙄🤦‍♀️ Ironically, a confrontation with anyone usually sends me into a complete panic- but instead, I was able to handle it, and Daws did his job flawlessly. I also had 3 compliments on his behavior from employees! 💙 #whyarepeoplesostupid #actyourage #sdit #psdit #lab #blacklab #labradorretriever #labsofinstagram #germanshepherd #publicaccess #servicedogintraining #gsd #gsdofinstagram #workingdog #workingdogsofinstagram #intraining #dogtraining #goodboy #14months
These are few of the recordings from people that thinks it’s okay to keep harassing because I have stayed quiet. I have been matured and ignored them and others who think it’s ok to act irrational. Till today, I have not bothered to talk back to them. This post is not about justifying my side or to expose the problem we are having with them. However, it is a post explaining why such behaviour must be CONDEMNED. I at no point wanted this kiosk, and I did not deal with them either. My husband expressed his desire but then let it go until he was pursued by the man. Then we dealt straight with the landlord and paid these people. However, it did not take us long to realise how bad of a reputation this kiosk had and nothing belonged to them. And that’s all the backstory I am going to give, as I said this post is not to share my side of the story as the people that need to know, already know. And those who want to believe otherwise be my guest. So far we have been accused of being childish but surely traits such as harassment, jealousy, spreading lies and rumours, calling names and talking nonsense are childish behaviour. Yet, I am “childish”. My post here is about the fact that I am being constantly harassed by people our parents age. If that were me, talking nonsense around to people, I would get a telling by everyone. However, what makes it ok for older generation to think that they can degrade me over the phone to others and send me threatening messages. This is only some of the recordings I have. I have others. One is a call to my Dad, and says to go and die for having a daughter like me. Well let’s go back, I was reluctant to get it, the deal was made between the men. Why is it that my husbands reputation hasn’t been tarnished, or humiliated. Why is it mine, when till date I haven’t even bothered to even talk to them. Why am I the victim when my husband was the one who dealt with everything? It’s simply because I am a Woman. It is so much easier to tarnish a woman’s reputation right? These people have been spreading so many rumours but why no rumours about my husband. Why are they not saying my husband has affairs, or that his character is bad?
I got told to act my age today. I’m 27 and am always told I look 18. WHAT IF I WANNA BE A GROWN UP CHILD?! There’s no reason to this post except to show off my non adult self 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ #actyourage #grownupchild #justbeyourself #itsmorefun