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My grandpa had a saying: "Things happen fast in a car." 🚘 He meant that you need to be very careful in a moving vehicle because if something goes wrong, it could be very serious very suddenly. I've realized the same is true of alcohol. Once alcohol is involved, things happen fast. A day can go from fine to not fine quickly. . . . Today I'm at my other grandfather's, and I'm tired from helping my mom host 20+ people at our house last night. But tired is fine. Tired is manageable. Tired is SO much better than dizzy, nauseated, and a new tier of anxious, which used to be me most every morning. Things happen fast in a car. And when alcohol is involved. - Have fun this weekend, but be mindful: things happen fast. - Also: Check out the trailer for @beautifulboymovie, linked in my bio. I'm not affiliated with it in any way (I wish lol), but I'm so excited for how it portrays the struggle of an "unconventional" addict. You'll hear more about it in awards season, I'm sure. ✨
I don’t ever want to forget where I come from! @higgy013