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Heel shot of this midsole swap and re paint to match the og on these Nike Air Max 1 Atmos Safari 2002🔨🎨 Swap done for @visible_air87
Nike green
Beware! Sharks sighted in these waters. Has it really been twenty years? Yes it has, and so another icon returns. To start things of good, the packaging and presentation on the Anniversary Hyper Blue’s is of the best I’ve seen in a very long time. The special slight-out box, the special paper, and to make it even better, the return of the OG arch supports, really complement this special release. It definitely pulled my trigger. What didn’t pull my trigger, was the poor finish on the shoe, in other words the quality isn’t up to par. Bad paint job on the midsole and overall a lot of glue. I needed three pairs to pick a best pair. So it feels a bit dissapointing, that so much (good) effort was put in the packaging, when it seems that the TN’s didn’t get all the attention they needed. Overall, still a decent retro, with absolute great packaging, but not entirely “Anniversary” worthy imo, in terms of quality, if you would compare it to the AM1 Anni’s for example. That’s all folks, Triggah tuning out.
Fear monger.
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