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Sorry for disappearing for so long my dudes! There is a ridiculously long story as to why I haven’t posted in a few months and why the car isn’t fixed or gone by now. There are also rumors that I got rid of the car and blah blah so this post will be to clear up any confusion. The car should’ve been totaled due to the extent of work needed, but I couldn’t let that happen. I was offered a decent amount for the car and friends found other cars they thought I would like. A lot of clean cars came my way, but I wasn’t interested in any of them. I don’t care what anyone thinks about my decision but I knew as soon as the accident happened I wasnt getting rid of the car. Lola is my STi and ya’ll are crazy if you think I’d get rid of her, reguardless of what happened or happens in the future. Now that that’s been said, I’ve been busy with getting our new house situated so parts haven’t been flowing as much as I intended until now. As for an update, I dug into the repair a little by rewiring the few wires that were damaged and I’m waiting on a few connectors to finish up the fuse box. Battery and radiator are on the list next and then she’ll run. After the car is running, the total of repairs will be under what insurance gave me, and the body shop will be able to finish all of their work(the bank can’t cut the check until the car is in the condition it was in prior to the accident). Sorry to spill everything in one novel of a post, but there it is haha. So to conclude this post if you’ve read this far, I want to tell you all a HUGE thank you for being patient. The plans I have for the car after this setback excite me more than anything and the end result will be well worth the wait🤙🏼
Esse é um lindo Audi TT RS, que acabou de ser lançado aqui no Brasil. Contando com um propulsor de cinco cilindros em linha e turbo, o automóvel tem 400 cavalos que são levados às quatro rodas através de uma transmissão de dupla embreagem e sete velocidades. A Audi se preocupou em fazer um carro mais leve do que a geração anterior do TT RS. Para isso, aumentou o uso de compósitos na estrutura. Além disso, o motor passou a ter bloco de alumínio, abandonando o ferro fundido utilizado antes. Esse conjunto permite com que o cupê vá de 0 a 100 km/h em 3,7 segundos. Mesmo que seja um veículo esportivo voltado ao desempenho, o interior tem um excelente acabamento, contando com fibra de carbono no painel, Alcantara no revestimento do volante, Audi Virtual Cockpit (quadro de instrumentos digital com diversas opções de configuração, inclusive com GPS) e som Bang & Olufsen. O exemplar da foto é na cor Nardo Grey Metallic, que é muito bonita e discreta ao mesmo tempo. Audi. Vorsprung Durch Technik. #CheiroDeGasolina #Audi #AudiTT #AudiTTRS #TT #TTRS #AudiSport #RS #RennSport #Coupe #CincoCilindros #InlineFive #Turbo #TracaoIntegral #AllWheelDrive #Quattro #Coupe #Esportivo #SportsCar #Audiction #Audicted #AudiNation #AudiLove #VorsprungDurchTechnik #AudiVorsprungDurchTechnik #CarroAlemao #CarroCinza #NardoGrey #NardoGreyMetallic #CarPorn #Ludwig