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16th November, 2018 😇 Angel guidance 💫💫 Your life could be affected by children. There could be a child around you. Pay attention to them. Spend time with them. The guidance could also be asking you to bring your inner child out. Have fine. Pay attention to your innermost feelings. Do simple things. See what makes you happy. Spending time with children or doing simple things may give you answers that you are looking for. Your inner guidance will become clearer. Pay attention to your surroundings. A miracle is waiting to happen. You may feel you need one right now to solve a current situation. Be open to the universe and allow it to resolve your issues. Trust your intuition. The universe is guiding you in the form of your gut feeling, visions, the knowingness. Trust and follow this. There could be a miracle coming at you which takes your attention to this intuition and makes you believe in it. This pushes you in the right direction. Once you believe in your intuition, you will start seeing more miracles or some occurences that make way for you to move on your desired path. 💫💫 **This is a general message. It may or may not resonate with everyone. #angels #angel #divine #occult #pure #universe #spiritual #spiritualawakening #spirituality #consciousness #higherconsciousness #intuition #LivingTrance