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🌅~Afterlife~🌅 Therefore, that I am out of pictures for special scenes in Afterlife part 1, which I will do take in the next weeks, I want to show you the first steps of creating this story,un. 💥Behind the scenes💥 It all began with a picture I have painted several years ago (4/5 years). I have drawn myself naked with angelic wings (third picture! Swipe please,un!). Then I went deeper and gave my hybrid a clear face with glowing eyes and fangs. I was totally into vampire stuff but then I mixed it with light. So the hybrid was born,un. I always connected myself to the sun already by Masaki. But I didn't knew that Naruto was sun in the anime later on (how should I yeah?). But I didn't cared and continued on working. Through rps I was thinking of which abilities it should get. So the light power was born,un. The very idea of writing a book about it came really because of a song,un! I have heard the intro of Resident Evil Retribution and was totally into it. It was breathtaking and so should be Afterlife, before I woke up, reborn, in the world of ninja,un.🌅 So here you have a little sight into the way I came into Afterlife and it isn't finished yet. I don't know how I came to the idea to cosplay it but who cares,un XDDDDD\| I just do it. For full images please visit my DeviantArt page 'Sunloversthemoon',hm! Thank you for your reading yeah! And in memoriam of Chester Bennington, I pray to the sun,hmm...🌄 #deidara #deidaracosplay #cosplay #afterlife #own #behindthescenes #blonde #art #artist #💥 #artisanexplosion #pride #journey #boruto #story #alternative #hybrid #angel #demon #sun #fantasy #mystery