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Feel like I’ve been posting too often, but whatever🤷🏻‍♂️ it’s my page. - Anybody else excited as I am for the new @apeathletics launch this Friday?😊 @ptrtran has been teasing the new long sleeves and it’s got me anxious😂 - - Had a killer leg sesh today👊 Cleaned up my diet this past week and a half and I can really feel the impact it has had on my training👌 - Do any of you ever split your leg days?(glutes/hamstrings & quads/calves) I did for a bit but I switched back to full leg days and I’m thinking of splitting them again🤔 - - #aesthetic #apeathletics #apearmy #bodybuilding #fitness #gym #everforward #fitfam #vanscult #fit #gymlife #defineyourself
We just have our off days!
We all go through things that we can’t control. We all deal with sadness and emotions that we can’t explain. 2018 has been the toughest year of my life and it still continues. I am trying to take everyday to better my mindset. I am beaten but not broken. Please reach out to someone that you trust in your time of need, don’t be afraid of judgement. Depression kills way to many people, don’t be another number, please.
Yelling Jordan and then sticking your tongue out gets you a few more reps.. scientifically proven 👅 • #Jumpman #TongueOut #Science
First time deadlifting heavy in 2 months, but first time full conventional in a year. So 405 for 2 I’m happy form needs work
“Yo bro serious for this pic”...Even tho I only knew 2 songs off his first album Brett Young concert was still 🔥