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samba🇧🇷 ずっと気になってたお店。 シュラスコ好き♡ 日本を思い出したなぁ このメンバーのおかげで 今がある✨感謝しかない✨ 最近ボスの思いを聞けた! みなを、育てたいと思ってくれて嬉しくて感動した😭✨ もっと、人としても 成長したいなぁ✨ #phnompen #churrasco #brazil #lunch #canadiabank #foreignbusinessteam #lovemember💕 #cambodian🇰🇭 🇨🇳 #korean🇰🇷 #japanese 🇯🇵 #thankstoeveryone #boss'sthought #appreciation #wanttogrow
Love these hand drawn cards by German artist Agnes Fried. I met her in her home-based studio in June and couldn’t resist her cards. Now, my lovely Arbonne customers will enjoy them 😍
i miss my long hair😭☺️
Can we just take a second to appreciate makeup artists?! 🙌🏻 Every single one I've worked with has been an absolute godsend at turning me into a presentable human 😂 (or on the flip side, the special effects makeup artists who've turned me into various terrifying creatures and aliens). I've been lucky enough to work with so many lovely and talented makeup artists - this is a thank you for all you do! 😊💖 . . 📸 @wattshianne 💄 @ksmakeupyourface 👗 @flashyouandme
Why @sus.please loves @brendonurie Why do YOU love panic and its members? Dm me and I’ll post your responses ❤️
Do you know what I think the secret to real happiness is? To feeling connected and loved? * * To feel got. Yeh. Got. Like your people GET YOU. To feel understood. * * It was my birthday last weekend. And I got this... A truly lovely gift from my little cousin who has grown into one of my closest friends. When I peeked into the gift bag she handed me and saw a new poetry book and a journal... Well, I felt excited for the gift (duh) but I felt: Connected. Understood. In unison with another. Appreciated, even. * * She gets me. We jive. Yes, we have similar interests, but also: she pays attention. I think all any of us want in life is a few people close by who are ::really:: paying attention. Who get us. And when they do, you feel deeply loved. Seen, heard, understood. Visible. Important. * * Do you feel seen? Visible? Important? Understood? DEEPLY Loved? * * I hope you do, but if not. I'm thinking of you. And I appreciate you. * * If you want to feel understood, seen, and deeply loved... Speak up. Ask or tell. Vet those who aren't making the cut. Say thank you sincerely when people DO get you. Read the Love Languages book. Which are you? And also... Pay close attention to the people that YOU love. * * 👇👇👇 Tell me the last time you felt truly understood and deeply loved. I wanna feel the feels. 🥰 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #feelthefeels #mompreneur #momlife #payattention #chicksdigguyswhopayattention #happybirthday #soul #friends #cousins #lovelanguages #poetry #family #poems #loved #presents #womeninspiringwomen #womenempowerment #coursecreator #appreciation