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which one of louis' boys do u like the most? mines are armstrong and brendan
I stan two these amazing women
this tour 😍
alexa or siri 🤣
breathin is now officially a single ! 😍 keep streaming, y’all !
— oči boje viskija 🥃 im not gonna bore you with a long ass paragraph but i just wanna say happy birthday to my internet best friend. i cant believe that soon it’s gonna be two years since we started talking but today is your special day. i cant explain how much you mean to me as a friend, you’re an amazing, sweet, hilarious, kindhearted person who deserves the whole world. you’ve been there for me since day one of starting my fan account and i cant thank you enough, i’d literally take a bullet for you. i love our conversations, i wake up every day looking forward to them. we laugh about the most stupidest things and i absolutely love how we’re both from balkan, it amazes me how we’re different but similar in so many ways. i cant wait to hug you one day. have the best day ever i love you so much bebi ❤️ @petraedits ac: me dt: petra #alexwassabi #99goonsquad #arianagrande #juventus #omgpage
I’m tired and I have work to do ugh