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Ariana wdym with 🌫 please tell me it’s r.e.m.
bumpy ride tc me ?
do u like ariana with her hair down? 🙈🔥
‘s typing... - Hi i’m new here,and i will be posting lockscreens, i have made myself! My other account that i grew (myself) is called @sweetener.editss ,if you care to follow that would be a pleasure🙈🙏🏽 But i got this account from a giveaway,and i am very proud to post this first EVER edit on this account❤️ Please know,it is 1am right now-in my country- and i’m sooo tired,so if this is a flop lockscreen i will delete it in the morning and re-do it... • • • Apps i use; •Phonto (to add the beautiful texts) ,camera roll (i took this picture in the background) • Instagram,to use the filters😊 And that’s it... / / / About myself: • My name is Evelina Violetta🌸 • I am 11 years old ♡ • My idol is Ariana Grande ♡ • My fave song is God is a women by Ari🌙 • My fave album is ,even though not all the 15 songs came out yet🚪🙈😊😅 • I am half Carribean 🇯🇲 and half Polish 🇵🇱 (Mums Polish and Dads Jamaican) • My bff’s ~ @sliderboca @baby_blue_bts •My favourite hobby is to sing🎤 🎵 🎶 \ \ I appreciate if you read all of this and if you could welcome me,and dm me,i would love that💗💖💕 | | | #ArianaGrandeButera #GIAW #NTLTC #TLIC #Singing #riverdaleseason2 #strangerthings #milliebobbybrown #Malutrevejo #SelenaGomez #Rihanna #Beyoncé #goingintohighschoolinseptember #singing🎤 #loveisland #kissingbooth #loveyouall #3k #dramaclass #danceclass #singingclass #hashtagsaboutmylifeaha😂 #Petiana🤪💖 *Ignore those hashtags,those are just hashtags about other things i like doing/people i also stan after Ari,of course!*