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Hey guys! I'll be shipping out some prints personally this summer, so i thought of putting a little giveaway/ sale up! If you're interested, please read the details below: . ✨ (1) I have limited prints for each artwork I've shown above, so if you want one, DM me the piece you'd like. It's entirely first come first serve. ✨ (2) The prints are A5 in size (5.8" x 8.3") and are 300 GSM, matte finish ✨ (3) Before messaging me, please make sure you're comfortable with telling me the receiver's address ✨ (4) Private messaging is just to secure your slot. All the following correspondence will take place through email ✨ (5) Payment will happen through PayPal once you've told me your address, print number, and a short description of what doodle you want from me! ✨ (6) Once I've shipped your order, I'll send you an email saying so ✨ (7) If there's a particular work of mine you'd like that I haven't included in my list, feel free to tell me which one and I'll see if I can get that print for you! (However this is only in addition to any of the already included prints. That is, you'll have to but one of the above + the extra one you'll be telling me about) ✨ All shipping costs are covered by me! I'm willing to ship to anywhere. Let me know if you have any questions 💕 . #giveaway #sale #haikyuu #fullmetalalchemist #fma #fmabrotherhood #fmab #teentitans #adventuretime #kageyamatobio #yachihitoka #edwin #starfire #bubbline #fanart #art #artistsoninstagram