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Want a preview of my new works? I’m about to send out the latest studio and shop news to subscribers... are you on the list??! Don’t miss this you guys, head to and click “subscribe” OR hit the link in my bio 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 . Artwork detail featured is from a new work called ‘Mineral’ (on show now at @nrcgballina) . #becduffstudio #byronbayartist #mineral #contemporarywatercolour
diff strokes for diff folks
First time I m exhibiting works Acrylic on polyethylene/ tonight I m happy
30”x 40” Oil on Verona stone on Canvas. I have been adding to this piece for many years which begs the question: is a painting ever really finished ? “ . I have seen textural veins form naturally on the surface of this painting - with a little help from me of course-When highlighted , the veins create an electrical feel. Who better than to project positive electrical charge than , Woman. “Woman electrified “, #painting #abstractexpressionism #nudeart #contemporaryart #artcollector