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We recently received this wonderful book on our artist Robert McCauley from the folks at the Bainbridge Museum of Art & the MoNA. McCauley’s works discusses humanity’s impact on the natural world through light-hearted imagery and animals. __________ The show ‘American Fiction’ represents McCauley’s art from the 1990’s onward. To see more of McCauley’s work, head to our website. Link is in the bio! __________ #retrospective #environmentalart #roberymccauley #globalclimatechange #mona #westernart #artinamerica #americanfiction #artistsoninstagram #oilpainting #artbooks #askacurator #contemporaryart #visionswestcontemporary
"Autumn at Key Circle, Birmingham, AL" by Miriam McClung. Pastel on paper. Sold.
#regram from @timbarringeryorks, co-curator of "Thomas Cole's Journey" opening next Tuesday at the @metmuseum "Thomas Cole, 'Salvatore Rosa sketching Banditti', no date, MFA. So wonderfully silly - I'm almost regretting that we didn't include it with the masterpieces in #thomascolesjourney "
New year, new website! New works coming soon.
"Poppies in David's Garden" by Miriam McClung. Pastel on paper. Sold to private collector.
Streams of Color, mixed media, 50 by 38 inches.
We will be hosting a book signing and lecture by our artist Chris Maynard, with @wrjdesign in Jackson, WY, this February. Maynard’s book, Feathers: Form and Function, explores not only his unique artworks and process, but also insights into feathers themselves and humanity’s fascination with them. ____________ The event is Thursday, Feb. 1st from 3-6 PM, with an artist lecture to follow at 5:15 pm. The event is in WRJ Design’s space - location above! ____________ #featherart #artisttalk #booksigning #westernart #artinamerica #artbooks #birdart #animalart #jacksonhole #artistsoninstagram #design #elledesign #askacurator @featherfolio #wrjdesign #visionswestcontemporary
Painting: Back to Nature with Piet Mondrian No.1/ proces twisted 4 times 90°
"The Backyard" by Miriam McClung. Watercolor on paper. Sold to a private collector.
Batik~an ancient Malay archipelago textile art that derived from old malay/javanese word emba which mean "to write" and titik which mean"dots". It is consider as one of great art forms of Asia. Mandala~Sanskrit word for literally "circle". This is deconstructed mandala primitive batik -Acrlic stamped using bamboo stumps on unprimed canvas
"Rose of Sharon" by Miriam McClung. Pastel on board. Sold to a private collector.