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“Proud but never satisfied...” 👈Addicted to progress!
Definitely was not the best workout. But got the job done. Swipe to see my last set of 245 for 7 reps (1+ set) #ASRV #beseen #legend
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Happy #FlexFriday to all of you #WeekendWarriors and shoutout to all of you who are grinding through these last few weeks of prep for the #OkanaganFitnessFestival + #VanProShow! I’m excited to be in Vancouver this weekend to watch two of my clients compete at the @xtreme_promotions Natural BC Cup tomorrow 🏆 Let’s do this @jenn2133 + @mrbusch1963 you guys are ready 🔥 . . . #DIYBODY 📲 Online Coaching: look good ➰ feel good . #Alphalete #ASRV #MVMT #Fitness #Motivation #Transformation #Natural #Health #Workout #Bodybuilding #MensPhysique #Physique #Aesthetics #Abs #Sixpack #Shredded #CleanEating #FlexibleDieting #IIFYM #SummerShreddingClassic #CPA #NPC #IFBB #NLFKamloops
Weighed in at 163 lbs today.
Had a great workout with the homie @fadedflav finished off chest and bis with hammer curls 🤙🏼. Hit 225 for 7 pauses, not too bad a little thrown off from different gym equipment but we still working! #ASRV #beseen #legend
Shredded + tan or bulk no tan? 😂 there’s a 7lb difference here and honestly, I like the feeling of being more full and rounded out. Hopefully I can do another cut by the end of the year. For now, getting fat is the goal 🥔
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